AARHE 4.0 text revision checklist

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    This thread is to catalog issues relating to recent weeks discussions on specific weaknesses of the 4.0 ruleset and a list of possible clarifications to be included.

    Each time we run across unclear sections cut/copy/paste directly from ruleset and include page number.

    Just off the top of my head i recall the following:

    1. issues on terrain benefits and how they effect naval invasions.

    2. Aggressive diplomatic strategy ( specifically how allies can sack neutrals and collect income when and how)

    3. how ID works: does it work more than one time and which order do you resolve its effects.

    4. blitzing

    5. sub interactions

    6. effects on enemy subs and transports on enemy naval movement - sub stall?

    7. limitations on air units used in land combat

    8. Neutrality rules and the threshold where you cannot effect neutral diplomacy. Also, clarifications on how many times per turn you can roll for same neutral per side

    9. Building rules on China ( how?)

    10. technology changes for starting boxes for Germany–-e.g. jet fighters–reduce by one?

  • Add recent discussion on:

    11.  Reinforcements being under NCM rather than CM, and ability and limitation

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    we need your input here…. these are the list of issues we would like clarification on in 4.0…perhaps the rule or script needs work or refinements.

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    Tekkyy? where are you ?

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