Which is more valuable over all in the game?

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    Been thinking about bombers lately.  I wonder which is stronger?  The bomber in 2nd edition, or the bomber in classic?  Obviously we’re talking about straight bombers, no technologies of course.

    In both versions of the game bombers cost 15 IPC and move 6.  They also attack at 4 and defend at 1.  However, 6 movement on the classic board is a much greater range (sometimes) than 6 movement on the revised board!  Also, in Revised, you have more territories and more units (aka more chances at more IPC making 15 IPC more affordable.)

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    Fighters cost went down to 10 IPC in revised… which makes them less valuable in revised as a purchase decision.

    plus heavy bombers roll 3 dice in MB AA

  • I agree.  The decreased cost of FIGs in Revised made BOMs less important than they were in Classic.

    In Classic, you could add 33% to attack power for just 3 IPC (25%) increase in cost… a good deal.  In Revised the BOM is still 33% more attack power, but is now 50% more in cost, AND one less unit…  a BAD deal.

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