Sd234/1s, Sd234/2s, Sd222s, Sd261, and Kubelwagons

  • I made my Sd222s and Pumas with loose turrets, so I could interchange and turn my 234/2s into 234/1s. I had some pieces in my parts bin that made reasonable radio frame so I also turned one of my 222s into a Sd261. It has a radio, photo-etched brass crew/commander partition, and engine acess panels. The Kubelwagons may well get crewed yet, if I do that, I will give them a thread and repost them.
       These are not as detailed as I would do for a customer, thier isnt as much individual rusty spots, armor damage, or crew wear added to the finish. Since I’m starting my own collection from scratch as of a few weeks ago, I am more into quantity right now.
      But they all have that nice, sandy, gritty, texture. I think by now its obvius my fav color is plain sand. You can also probably guess what kind of pants and shirts I wear - Khakis. If I were in “Toy Story” I would have to for sure be one of those bad “tan” guys, and not one of the greenies.

  • Simply outstanding work, Panzer Painter.

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