Can the easy AI for triplea ever win as the Axis?

  • I bring up this topic b/c I have found that the easy AI for playing Germany NEVER goes for London.  If the US and/or UK put like 5 INF in Alaska the easy AI playing for Japan never go for that I leave Hawaii and Midway alone I take all the troops off of New Zeland and Austrailia and in typical fasion it never goes for them.

    I think the AI (as the Axis) are focused on securing the Afric-Euro-Asia portion of the world.

    Just wondering what others take on this was.


  • To answer your question, no. While the AI provides you with a playable game it does not offer a good opponent. ~ZP

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    Sure it can.  The first game or two I ever played in AAR I played against the TripleA AI and it won as the axis once. 😛

    I should, however, mention I forgot to garrison W. Russia and Germany attacked Russia and won.  Rookie mistake. 😛

  • Jen that’s what I am saying that the AI will take Moscow but won’t make any atempt to get to or take Washington DC or London.

    As the US player one time I took Japan’s Capital.  I had like 1 ARM left and Japan had all kinds of units on the other side of the sea of Japan and it didn’t even try to take it’s own capital back.

    Now if you took Germany I think it would try to retake it b/c it’s part of the Afric-Euro-Asian target area.


  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Gotcha, I misunderstood.  Thought you meant could the AI win as the axis, you meant would the AI go for a second capitol after the fall of Russia.

    Yea, dunno about that.  I know once you take a capitol, all units seem to stop functioning.  Though, I think it will retake Germany if the odds are seriously in it’s favor.

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