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What units from other nations can Poland use?

  • if somebody has a year for each of them too, that’d be awesome! so far I have the following:

    Renault R-35 - 1939
    40mm Bofors L60 - 1939
    T-70 - 1943
    Sherman (any) - 1943
    Jagdpanzer Hetzer (captured) - ???

  • The years are all wrong on those, unless you mean the post invasion Polish forces.  The western Allies had Polish units.  And Russians put togtehr Polish units from the captured territirie to fight the Germans too.

    If you are doing Invasion of Poland-era, then stick to 1939.

    For the Luksusowa scenario, I did research to see what units the Poles actually fielded.  These are limited to 1939:

    Bofors You can even find pictures of Polish-manned Bofor guns on the web

    Renault R-35 The Polish government tried to purchase Somoa’s (considered to be the best tank of the era) from the French, but ended up purchasing Renaults.

    Bren Machine Gunner  Polish light armour, what they had, were often equipped with BRENs.

    Bold Captain 1939 Commander…and he’s defense-oriented.

    Bohler 47mm Antitank Gun 1939-era anti-tank gun.

    Check out the full scenario here:


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