• How much did Lend-Lease help the U.S.S.R? Did U.S and Great Britian supplies actually change events on the eastern front?

  • In terms of trucks and winter boots alone, the answer is that the value of Western Allied support to Soviets was incalculably high.

    In A&A we think in terms of sending them Ftrs for defense of Moscow… or a few IPCs here and there. But it was a mega-campaign to bulk up the entire industrial and war-fighting infrastructure.

    Anyway, that’s what I’ve read… somewhere on the web you can find actual stats on how many vehicles, parts, ammo, etc. we shipped to Russia…

  • I find it funny that the Soviets after WWII, with all the Cold War tension, try to play down the role of Lend-Lease.

  • Really? Did they claim it was no big deal?

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