History Lesson, The Sugar Act vs The Patriot Act

  • If you look at the Sugar act of 1762, and the Patriot Act (And Bush’s “Snoop” act" of 2001, there are some alarming similarities.

    Sugar act - 1962, directly after the French and Indian War

    • Enforced anti-smuggling laws
    • Trial by Jury suspended in all Smuggling cases
    • Search Warrant no longer needed to conduct searches. A “General Warrant” can be issued to search entire communities.
    • Payed informers for information about smuggling in their ports.

    Patriot & Snoop act - 2001, directly after 9/11

    • Enforced immigration laws
    • Trial by Jury suspended and replaced by “Secret Military Tribunals” in terrorist related crimes.
    • Search rules eased up on. Wire Tapping, email tracking, and hidden camera laws eased up on by a lot
    • Payed workers who could get into people’s house to snoop around and look for terrorist related evidence.

    The Sugar Act (along with the Stamp Act and the Tea Act) directly caused the American revolution. The Patriot act killed some of the rights off. Especially the 4th ammendment.

  • First of all, what’s so alarming about cracking down on illegal immigration?

    Secondly, I’m not sure if you realized this, but the US Postal service already had that so-called “snooping” system in place long before this act. The government just decided to use it in other fields also.

  • I’m not saying it is all alarming, I’m just listing the act in it’s entirety.

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