• How do you counter an IC being placed in FIC on JApan turn 1? They also non-combat 4 INF & 2 FTR.  :?

  • UK and USA have to send troops across north Africa to link up with Russians coming south from Moscow, and then takethe factory after first taking India.
    I think?

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    Or ignore it and get hyper aggressive trying to take out Berlin in hopes of getting it severely weakened or conquered before Japan’s armies get strong enough to pose a serious threat to the Russians. (If it is severely weakened, you can then turn the Russian army around and push back on Japan.)

  • If you are going KJF it would be better if they did have one or two IC’s on the mainland.  The reason being once allied navies drop ancor around Japan, Japan has other options then to keep stacking troops in one place.

    This will be more of a problem with Classic b/c of the liberal stacking rules.


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    Yea, when I see the allies going KJF I generally want to get one or two complexes up on the mainland because I know the days of Japan having a fleet are numbered.

    Remember, to beat Japan you do not have to take Japan itself!  You just need to take the other territories and sink their fleet - this is the real allure to KJF games. (Who cares if they build an infantry and a tank per round, you don’t ever have to invade to win and if your opponent DOES force you to take both capitols, you can always get Heavy Bombers and nuke him into oblivion then move one guy on a transport - after you take Germany, of course!)

  • Thanks, I’ll focus on Germany instead.

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