• I also think russia shouldn’t take Ukraine because of the counterstrike. It’s better to kill the infantry and a tank or two and then to retreat to Karelia in time. Furthermore I think the Russian fighters are needed in the Baltic first. Germany will then have to retreat from Ukraine because otherwise the remaining forces will be killed by Russian infantry and fighters. It is not possible to reinforce Ukraine with infantry without weakening other territories too much.

  • I think the point of xenophobe’s excercise is not that its likely to happen, but only that its possible and how would you salvage a game that’s gone so badly T1? It’s about recovering from extremely bad luck.


  • I think what “OZONE27” on the counter is good for 7 IPCs. And Germany needs alot, especially in the begining of the game. But, it slows the african expansion down. And what about 4 German tank and 4 inf, left in Ukraine? Mind you that Germany already lost 2 tanks, and if Russia “throws” every thing it’s got into Ukraine 1 armor 2fighters and about 12 infantry it would destroy the 4 tanks and inf. It depends also what Russia buys first round and second whether or not this would be a good idea, but if Russia buys infantry and say, 1 armor to help counter and if the U.S. invades finland/norway with 2 troop trans(4 infantry 1-2 fighters and bomber, on the turn before, to help relieve a German counter, into Karilia, I think it would seriously hurt the Germans. (Depends also what Germay buys as well, of course).

  • But the ARM in Yakut CAN’T be used in Europe T2, and USSR has NO troops in Russia to speak of! So AT ABSOLUTE MOST USSR can attack Caucases on T2 with 3 INF unsupported, with 9 INF 2 FTR against Ukraine. My admittedly unscientific analysis says they’ll take it w/ probably 6 INF. Enough that Germany can waste them with their units in East Europe supported by FTRs and ARM from the rest of Europe. If Germany purchases a lot of INF and ARM T2, it is in fact USSR who will be in a bad way–plus if UK didn’t get crazy w/ the BMR T1, you should still be able to withdraw your fleet to South Europe and augment it w/ a TR: MAYBE you can salvage the situation in Africa T3–I dunno. Point is: the USSR situation has been ameliorated for now and the game should continue T3 w/ a good chance for an Axis victory.

    Just my thoughts.


  • Yea I don’t want to read all the posts so i’ll just give my response to whoever originally started it…German purchases: 4 tanks 4 men, Go balls to the wall on karelia. All tanks available all men available. 1 fighter plus african troops to africa (wipe them out early) rest of airforce and navy wiping out british fleet and transport near canada.

  • attack Africa, and then out build russia (buy tanks.) try to retake any german lands lost, and if you keep building and russia spread’s out their forces, you can outdo them in one sector.

  • I think standard strategy is to take advantage of russia’s move and go around their army, and take karelia. let them have to take it back. it’s harder for them than you, especially if they are chewing up their inf in t1 without eliminating the threat to their flank. you needn’t worry about the west if you disable their tranports. you can use your subs, and a couple planes (and a bomber).
    or like candy man said shink your front with your tanks (and planes) in reserve - to prepare for a counter attack. then dump evrything into africa, even if it hurts you gotta steal it quick.

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