• Armchair Generals,

    Well, it only took me 8 months, but the new (and I hope) improved Historic Battlefronts Website is now up!!!

    GAZALA 1942 Pre-Ordering!

    We are accepting Pre-orders for GAZALA 1942. The release date is set for 20 July. What’s the deal? 3 maps for the price of 2 and save an extra $1USD to boot! The catch? It’s only available if you purchase it through PayPal.

    Anyway, I’m sure that you’ll all want to see what it looks like up close, so check out the link below and then navigate to the “Photo Gallery” in the bottom right corner…


    I think you’ll be pretty impressed! Oh, and don’t forget on-line gaming too!!!

    Two Scenarios will also be posted shortly…

    SOLOMON ISLANDS 1942 Coming Soon!

    We will have the SOLOMON ISLANDS 1942 Sales Sheet and webpage up and running in about a week (complete with “Photo Gallery”) so make sure you come back and check it out.

    FRANCE 1944, STALINGRAD 1942 (10m / 100m)

    These maps are currently being re-tooled to conform to the new AAM scale and will be tileable (just like my other ones…) Visit our website for updates.


    The next issue of FRONTLINE NEWS will be released on 1 September. If you want to be added to the mailing list (it’s free, duh!) be sure to send us an email at: sales@hbfronts.com If anyone is interested in writing an article or creating a scenario for this issue, we’d love to hear from you.

    That’s all for now.

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