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    Quote from: Funcioneta on June 25, 2008, 06:46:37 am
    Australian IC is very powerfull, I was amazed the good it was the game I tried.
    I have play the Australien IC once, and it was successful. US also goes pacific, and I unite both UK and US fleet at Solomons and start island hopping.

    But I also have seen many problem in that approach: The UK has lost IPC in Africa quick, and if the germans would add some TRA to SZ 5 (they did it not in my games, but what if they do?), then the UK need most of his IPC on homeland for one turn at minimum. UK must invest at UK in home fleet and ground units to get some IPC in africa back and for the case of german fleet unification. And there are not enough IPC for all these.

    Do you went pacific with US? How do you have handled Africa? How do you have germany stopped from become a monster and roll over the russians? What units do you have purchased at Australia?

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