The most important topic ever to be brought up here.

  • What is your favorite kind of sandwich.
    (the more interesting, tasty and original, the better my suppers)

  • Ham + American Cheese on a roll all the way.

  • Turkey, bacon, pickels, lettuce, two kinds of cheeses, and tomatoes all one the perfect bun (no crust please :)). I would much rather have this than eternal happiness. :D Good thing I can eat one almost every day. 8)

  • Egg, Bacon or Ham with Cheese and Ketchup on a Poppey Seed Bagle ;)

  • Ham, egg, and sharp cheddar hoagie
    with a little mustard on the bottom and
    a little Original Miracle Whip(NOT mayo) on top.
    NO veggies on the samich. I’ll have my veggies
    as Frito’s Chili Chips or cheddar and sour cream potato chips.
    Ice cold Dr. Pepper (ina glass bottle preferrably) straight from da bottle.
    And a dill pickle spear(quarter).
    I can do without the chips, if need be, and try something new to ‘broaden my horizons’, but no pickle nor samich . . . fuggidaboutit!

    It’s impossible to find a great hoagie when out on the city/town/village here, so I almost always fix one at home. It’s become a family tradition for us once a week. Even the kids.Everybody fixes two sandwiches, one for themselves and one for everybody to ‘have a bite of everybody else’s’ (a takeoff on the old Krushev idea.) Of course, somebody has to finish the leftovers :wink: . - Xi
    One thing I’ve learned in my travels is(and here are a few variations) . . .

    1. Almost without exception, you can only get a great Philly Steak and Cheese in philly
    2. Almost without exception, you can only get great Texas chili in Texas.

  • dude, those sandwiches comprised of marshmellows and peanut butter are good , (i think they’re called FLUFFERNUTTERS). but my favoriate sandwhich is an Italian BMT from subway, with lettuce, tomatos, and a hint of mayo. it always goes good with a bag of dorritos, the kind that comes in the yellow bag. i thiknk they’re called baja or something.

  • cheese whiz on brown bread….its good.

  • @Mr:

    cheese whiz on brown bread….its good.

    there are some strange folk around these parts ;)

  • @DasEwokSS:

    there are some strange folk around these parts ;)

    Strange, yes. Folk, methinks thou postulates too far. - Xi

    “All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means.”

    • Zhou Enlai, Chinese Premier(1954)

    • Xi is of one accord(it’s a Honda Civic really.)

  • The best sammich i ever had was a hot turkey with gravy sandwich at the White Tower (a Greek) restaurant (Mr. Ghoul - you know where i’m talking about).
    Having said that, i have the odd hankering for a classic clubhouse.
    Also enjoy a tuna melt on an onion bagal with chedder cheese, a wee bit o’ miracle whip (extra low fat), and of course tuna with a wee bit of other stuff.
    Finally, when i’m bagal-less/tomato having, i love a toasted tomato sammich - toast bread, add miracle whip (low fat) a wee bit o’ the seasoning salt (the only salt i add to ANYthing EVER!), generously sliced tomato, lettuce, chedder and a side of chocolate cake.

    hmmmmmm . . . chocolate cake . . . i think i feel another post coming on . . . .

  • Oh, my gods! I feel the fat forming as I read this. I can’t even lose weight on a no fat diet. With family, home, vehicle and work, I’ve got no time for exercise. I think I’ll sell the wife and kids to a needy Saudi prince. - Xi
    “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man
    to fish and you get rid of him for the weekend!” - Anonymous

    But no exercise, darn! - Xi

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