Different Country allies?

  • Anyone try any other allies? Thinkinig about russia germany axis with a turn sequance change. did it on the pc and seemed ok? any thoughts variations?

  • I don’ t know if you ever played that older game Red alert on PC but in that one the Russians attacked and Germay was as ally.  My group tried that.  We put Japan and Russia together beefed up Russia’s starting units (mostly tanks) and gave that player more territories moving them closer to Europe.

    You should probably move this topic into the varients rules for better discussion.


  • We played A&A so much in the military that we began to have random games.

    such as turning over control markers and rolling a die for each.

    the odds fought the evens and so forth - so it could be 4 on 1 or some variations.

    Russia vs everybody else - not good.

    US and Japan vs the rest.

    Hey it was a way to pass the time

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