• Speaking of penguins, I cannot get an avatar to stick. Each time I submit a canned avatar from your gallery, I get the message “Cannot update usertable at this time.” Is it my ibook? Any suggestions?

    This thread has developed into a metaforum… it transcends categorization because it started as an outside-the-forums admonition to stay within the correct forum… It should have been a dead-end forum-of-one-note, but it has coiled into an 11th-dimension bubbleverse powered by superstrings of counterclockwise dark quark matter. Capiche?

    What would Julius Caesar do if he strode across this forum?

  • what browser are you using?

  • I am usually using daggone AOL…

    Perhaps I should attempt to stick on an avatar via Explorer?

    (While we’re at it, how do I select an “Emoticon” and insert it in this text box? They seem impervious to my exertions, although I have been able to download them as gifs.)

    Thanks for asking, GeZe

  • Hey, everybody out there in Axis & Allies gameland! This is my first post, and I’m very recently interested in A&A. I played it last week with a friend, and although he kicked my ass, I’m getting hooked!

    Once I get my CDRom version delivered, I’ll check back with you guys for a little strategic advice.

    Until then I’m just happy to be the only person who’s posted in this particular thread to actually talk about Axis & Allies, other than the post about putting posts in their correct thread! LMAO!!! The irony isn’t lost on me.


  • That’s great. Welcome to the forums, and i hope you post often. (well, quality ones at least - not one word posts).
    The more advice the better - just keep in mind that many of us can kick the computer’s a** and might be able to give you some advice on how to do it. In fact, i’ll start a thread here to help you out.

  • Why is this announcement still up after two months?

  • I know a really goog joke involving a penguin,is thi the right forum?

  • it could be

  • post it in general disscusion, thats the place for A&A-unrelated stuff

  • @gatorade:

    I know a really goog joke involving a penguin,is thi the right forum?

    that penguin joke has been told here before.

  • what is it? if you don’t want to tell it than can you tell me what thread its in?

  • Didja hear the one about the preacher, the preist and the penguin? Well,…

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