• We have a really strange game going - the russian/german  boarder has just been stock pile-ing - currently almost even - allies 40 inf and 8 planes in kar - germany 40 inf - 6 planes bomber - axis owns original with starting plus caucuas ( last turn i placed 14 tanks on it)  the japs have surrounded russia. about 12 inf combined and 7 planes -

    usa has 6 trans and has taken africa and is dumping inf there -

    SHould i take the tanks in caucuas and take back africa - done in 3 turns - and will bring the ipc’s to equalization - or take russia - which will be taken back - immed- and kill all jap forces and russian tanks.

    Allies has no real attacking force - 40 inf but only 2 planes for russia - brits have all planes - 10 ish - so they cant affectivly surge at germany.

    ANy thoughts?

  • I can see how the board is set up but what side are you playing?


  • axis - germany and japan

  • My cousin and I used to do that all the time.  He was always the allies and I was always the Axis.  He knew I always would try to go for Russia’s capital first.  One game I started to and spent several rounds doing what you are doing.  We both had a lot of assests.  We both kew we were in a stale mate so I made an odd move that he didn’t see coming.  I backed off of Russia and took and held London a few turns later.

    The moral of the story is in this game you can’t get bogged down like this and make a stale mate.  That was a WWI stragety.

    What you might try to do is have Japan buy several bombers and run some stragic bombing runs over Moscow.  Then Germany may be able to out produce the allies on the German/Russian front.

  • a good allied player would strafe your armors….

  • :roll:
    I really don’t understand how people get into games ike this :?
    You need to be aggressive all the time, especially as the axis.
    I played a game recently, and I admit in 20+ years of playing, is a first for me, at the end of the Japanese first turn there would have been only a Russian flak gun in Moscow! Everything else, Russian was gone! The Allied player of course quit before I could even finish G1.
      Attack attack attack! Then reap the rewards. :wink:

  • A good Stratigy all the time is like bubu said.  Hit fairly undefended high IPC items.  If you are loosing just as many units as they are but yours are only INF who cares how many you have lost.  :evil:

  • I don’t really understand what the problem is… You say that Japan has Russia surrounded… With surrounded I assume you have a big stack of units in Novo, only in turn 6 that is not really possible imho and you tell us that the allies stacked in Kar and not in Russia. If it is the case that you are still building your forces with Japan, you could try a strafe on kar. Building up until Japan is ready for the 1-2 punch is also a good alternative…

    Some other things.

    1. Never, I repeat NEVER leave your arms alone!
    2. Don’t divide your forces if not necessary.

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