Luksusowa scenario for your review

  • Inspired by DZF’s French Frog Scenario…

    **Luksusowa, Invasion of Poland, 1939. **


    Knife Fight map, Poland must try to hold the South-Eastern city, Luksusowa, from German or Russian invaders.

    Poland sets up anywhere in Baker-2.  Attacker sets up on the Western side (Charlie-1 and Dog-2) with standard setup rules (first 5 hexes).


    The Attacker gets 100 pts, 15 unit max.  The Attacker must splits his build into 2 parts, A and B.  Group A must have at least 50 pts.

    Poland gets 80 points, plus 5 pts of free obstacles.  The free obstacle units do not count towards the 15 unit max.

    In addition to the core Polish units available in the game, the following historically accurate 1939 supplemental units may be utilized by Poland:

    Renault R-35
    Bren Machine Gunner
    Bold Captain
    Bohler 47mm Antitank Gun

    No more than half the units in Polands army can come from the supplemental list.


    Poland and Attacker Group A are revealed and deployed as normal, with the Attacker deploying first.

    Finally, reveal and deploy Attacker Group B.

    Attacker has turn 1 initiative.


    Attacker wins if he controls, uncontested, any of hexes in Luksusowa by the end of turn 10.

    Poland wins if he keeps the attacker from holding any part of the city.

  • '19 Moderator

    Germans should get:
    MG34 - Same stats as Vickers
    JU87B – Same as G but stats = AS-8/7/- AV-7/6/-
    (I got this from a scenario at Historic Battle Fronts)

    I like it, I’ll play it, I can’t seem to get much action in the two I’m playing now, and I like scenario games better than the random games.

  • Do you think they really need them?  Poland is not France, their only tank has AV of 2/2/2!

    Poland (and France) deserve a 1939 MG as much as Germany, but at least Germany has a million units to make up for it.

  • What do you think of balance and achievability of objectives right now?  Or is it too hard to determine without playing it?

  • '19 Moderator

    Probably true…

    I always thought that giving the germans the MG 42 was dumb, considering it was just an upgraded mg34

    The stuka is just for fun, it’s probably not worth the cost anyway

    I’d have to look more closely to see what I think of playability, best way is to try it…

    If you set it up I play it

  • '19 Moderator



    Poland and Attacker Army A are revealed and deployed as normal, with Poland deploying second.  Then Attacker Army B is revealed and deployed.  Attacker wins turn 1 initiative.

    Is this the standard 5 hex deployment?

  • '19 Moderator

    Never mind I just re read and saw  😛

  • Bump, anyone else want to test this out.

  • '19 Moderator

    I’d say it’s pretty ballenced, I could have deployed better and made a couple changes to my build, but the basic Idea for the poles is to delay as long as possible.  This is definately an interesting senario and was a fun one to play.

  • LOL, I just requested feedback from you inthe game thread!

  • bump

    I cleaned up the scenario description a bit.  So far its pretty fun, but I’d like to see more games played to decide if its balanced appropriately.

  • bump for match with Shemar

  • It has been an interesting scenario so far. You (Motc) have done a great job with the assets you have available. My only recommendation, this coming from playing the Polish defender with little room to hide from long range German artillery, is to maybe give the town one or two more hexes and not acnhor it in the far South-Eastern corner of the map. I’d be glad to make you a custom map if you have something else in mind.

    Also, I prefer a set historical build that has been play tested for both sides rather than giving players the option for builduing their own forces. We all know there are killer builds out there that are more for just winning the game than keeping to historical force organization. I myslef am guilty of this having picked two Bofors for this scenarion instead of more troops. I would really like to see games that have a 66% soldier, 33% vehicle, 33% artillery point ratio.

  • I’m a fan of the “build” part of A&A Minitaures myself.  It’s what adds the variety.  If you have the same # uints on the same map, you end up with a game like the A&A borad games that can be forulated and then broken.  To me the build is the great equalizer.

    That being said, I dont see the harm in developing a starting or sample build that is roughly balanced that people can use, as most of the WotC scenarios do.

    The choice of map was to utilize a stock map and accomplish a real defensive feel.  Others have complained that the Spawn of Frog invasion scenario created by dezrtfish did not have a defender advantage that justified the attacker having more points.

    The reason I’m playing this one a lot right now is to tweak and adjust it to make sure its a viable scenario.  So any other feedback is very welcome.  The question for me is, can Poland win?  It might come down to adding a tierd victory rating where the Poles get a minor victory by delaying the capture earlier than turn 10.

  • @Cobalt:

    I would really like to see games that have a 66% soldier, 33% vehicle, 33% artillery point ratio.

    Umm, thats 132%…

  • @Motdc:

    Umm, thats 132%…

    I guess it’s not hard to tell that I am a former grunt 😄

  • This has been a hard scenario to get interested in, particualry when you know nothing operational or strategic was held in the balance by the the tactical actions of a few brave Poles. I guess that’s why I lean towards historical scenarios based on campigns where either the stakes were high like Stalingrad or Normandy, or where neither side has land, air or sea superiority like North Africa or Guadalcanal.

    Thanks for writing it though Motdc, it has been good to learn about the early war units and now I can say I have finally played with a cavalry unit in a game!

  • Yes, from a purely historical point of view, I can see your point.  We know Poland got rolled, no matter how valiantly they fought.

    I’m really hoping I can tune this just right such that if the Poles are tenacious enough they can pull it out, against the odds.  Something about standing up to an undenaible force makes it interesting to me…

    I still havent seen the Pole win though so I might need to adjust it a bit…

    At least the game isnt about killer units.  Pretty much everyone can hurt everyone.  No Tigers running around  😄

  • @Motdc:

    At least the game isnt about killer units.  Pretty much everyone can hurt everyone.  No Tigers running around

    Yes, you made a good list of unit options. Were Stuka’s on the list, and if not, should they be?

    The only other way this might be an interesting scenario is if the Poles had small pockets of resistance at pre-defined sectors of the map. The Germans have the big objective of Luksusowa in the SouthEast corner of the map within a certain time limit. Do they rush for the finish or do they secrure their flanks as they proceed?

  • The Stuka that are currently available in AAM dont have a year listing of 1939.

    With the Eastern Front coming out that will change (I think), and you can also expect the Poles to get more units (I know).

    Thanks for your insights into the scenario.

  • Just clarified the Victory Condition phrasing a bit.  As was previously written, the game MUST have gone on to turn 10.  The intent was that 10 turns is the longest that match can go on.


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