• It was fun seeing the strat in action (BTW - For those not in the game, I was not in the game either as they were playing at a time later than I could make it.  I dropped in for a bit around midnight to see the action).

    I do think a more aggressive Allied opening will cause the Germans fits.

    I’m out for today, but maybe late tomorrow I would have some time.  Sunday evening I could certainly get a few rounds in.

    Have a good weekend!

  • Ya, that’s the thing, you were not supposed to retake caucasus. I came in with 4 units from transports and 3 more that were still in range. The Japan had at least 6 tanks, 4 planes and 1 infantry in range but never wanted to reinforced me, going for kazahk… (wtf was that? )  which lead to Russia able to take it back on turn 5 despite its weakened  state when it never should have been able if japs reinforced it…

    Have Japs massed there, i would have been able to build 4 units plus 4 more coming from transport to bring it up to 14 units and japs would have been in an even stronger position the nxt turn instead of exposing stack of 3 lone tanks to your counters. Result was that the build up got completely messed up, german presence removed and it was the turning point to the defeat. Never would have happened if i was playing Japs but what can you do when your ally don’t listen. 😞

    1. We would need to see, I’m not sure Uk would have been able to take western europe alone every turn.

    2. Eastern front was not weak before turn 4, once the battle in westrussia happened.

    3)  We have to make it intersting, don’t we? 😛

    Anyways, too much stuff got messed up in the game to really have a clear view and without Japan fighters backup, this strat is doomed to fail for sure.  It is in the conditions.

    Let me know when you can play.

  • Tonight’s looking good.  You around?

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