• if any you guys played me you probably remembered that i was a pain in the ass to play with because I couldn’t download any aa programs because of my crappy computer. but i tried agian today (i got a new computer a few weeks ago) so now I have triplea. i’ve been trying to figure out how to use it. the varients seem cool yet confusing. anyone played the greatwar one? I feel like a kid lost in a giant candy factory. don’t know where to begin. but i’m going to figure my way around it. but does anyone on this site play any of the variants I want to try one out.

  • Welcome to TripleA 🙂

    The only variant I play is Pact of Steel because the other ones are too big for my taste, but if you check the lobby there are some people who play the Great War and Big World

  • Moderator

    Triplea is pretty sweet

  • the AI in these games are retarded. I wanted to get a feel for what the game was like and decided to be France. I kicked Germany out of the West and then pushed  into the mainland. then Italy surrounded Austria and I took the capital and the same happened in Turkey. the good old one two punch. but it was more like ME, Italy and Russia(who feel to Turkey) against the Central Powers. America and Britain never landed troops. I think there is something messed up with the navy units. also they AI has no concept of defending ones capital.

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