• Anyone in London England able to play face to face Monday Tuesday or Wednesday, day or night ?

    my addiction for the game continues to grow……

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    Heya, I’m in London - and looking to throw down!  You still around…?

  • Looking for a game too, in London


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    Hey gMonty - what part of London?  WOuld like to rolls some bones sometime - Mr. Morden has never responded, I don’t think he checks this forum anymore. I have quite a busy schedule during the week - but a Saturday or Sunday could certainly be set aside.  I lost my only two players I had here a while back…

    Throwing you a PM…

  • @madquest8 I’m based in Stoke Newington and willing to play! Let me know.

  • @mirkobruner I play in Kent and I’m in Tulse hill a lot, i LOVE A&A and have been playing for 20 years, its just me and my mate, we’ve never found anyone else who plays - until now. Let me know if you’d be interested. i think considerable time and logisitcs are required, depending on which version you play, a game can take many, many hours! 🙂

  • Great News then. I Have only played Anniversary and the day after tomorrow on the 15th Jan 2019 at 9:30 am we will be heading to the newest Bad Moon Café (near the station of Borough) to have a game with a couple of players. This time though the game will be WWI 1914. If you are free and willing to play you will be more than welcome. Sorry for the short notice but thats the best thing I can do. Anyway the bad moon cafe is a great venue and very close to yours. Let’s get in contact. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    There are 4 London players I know of that have been members of this forum in the last couple of years:

    Moltke the Youngest

    If you check their member pages you will discover whether they still visit the forum and even if not they may have included their e-mail address. If that does not help feel free to drop me a PM as I have the email for a couple of them.

    If you ever fancy a trip up to Derbyshire to join us at the Battle of Britain, then let me know.


  • Thank you very much Private Panic. I will try to make contact with those four fellows you mentioned.
    Kind regards and yes! If I will ever come to Derbyshire we will roll some dice.
    Mirko Bruner

  • @General-Disaster We will be ready for another game in february 2019. Let me know if you want to join. Best of luck to your dice! See Ya!

  • Hi Guys
    Recently moved to London (KingsCross) and had to leave my a&a Gang behind. I d be happy if I could join an existing party for a battle of a&a (I am quite firm with global40).

    Kind regards

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    I hope you guys can get something going in London. Perhaps one day we can have a London vs Derbyshire WAR! ✌

  • @marius We are on Facebook. Search for Axis and Allies London Fighters. We will be playing soon. The Venue of our meetings usually is at the Bad Moon Cafe’ near the Borough Station. Let’s Keep in touch, Let’s Roll Some Dice.

  • @mirkobruner
    Great news! I quit Facebook, but I have a fake account left.
    Unfortunately, I could not find the group. You mind sending me the link in a PM?
    Have you scheduled war time already? I am quite flexible last weekend feb/ first weekend March.

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