• I know there’s only a small handfull of us that have been playing by post with mapview.  However, there’s a bunch more of us types out there.  I was lost for some time until I gave it a try and it’s been lots of fun.

    We need a game plan to introduce other players to our forum from other forums.  We have a few advantages….

    Good dice service and MAPVIEW!!!

    The more players the better, maybe even a tournament!!!

  • 2007 AAR League

    Is there a way to link the units on map view in some way to information about their stats? How about if you hover the cursor over the unit or right click, a pdf of the unit’s card (like on hill 107) or a summary of the stats pops up? While it might take a little work, it seems very basic. The name of the unit already pops up, it cant be much more to get more info to pop up. This might make the game more approachable.

    Also, if you do play someone who is new to a game, try to be leniant with the rules, because even if you memorize the instruction manual, you will be mistaken numerous times while playing, due to innumerable special situations, exceptions, errata, and new editions.

  • '19 Moderator

    Well the data base is almost complete for units, you just need to start spaming other sites.

    If we get enough players, I’ll put a tounament together.

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