Axis and Allies balancing

  • Up to now I have not played Classic edition. I have played Europe, Pacific and Revised and all the other versions.

    But I would like to complete my collection and I have ordered A&A Classic and I am waiting for it to be delivered to me.

    I am wondering about which home rules to use for having a balanced game.

    I have considered to use the following:

    • Russia restricted;
    • Hevy Bombers rolls 2 dice and Industrial Technology gives discount only for air and naval units, but infantry and tanks will always cost 3 IPC and 5 IPC respectively.
    • Alternatively I am considering do not use tecnology at all.

    Is this rules enough for balancing the game? There are others that may be used?

  • Try a bid…

    In non RR games its around 23-25 and in RR games it varies from 12-15.

  • Thank you very mach for the advise!

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