• Looking for one or two players living in Istanbul,Turkey…
    contact info given upon request as a reply to this message…

  • Hmmm… never thought A&A was so worldwide. 🙂

  • Turkey was a Secret Ally. 😎
    “For fast acting relief try slowing down.” - Lily Tomlin

  • It is not worlwide.In fact I beleive that I own one of only a handful of A&A boardgames in the country.This is because the game is not shipped to overseas locations according to US regulations.A friend bought the game for me in a recent trip to the States…

    And yes,indeed.Turkey was a secret ally.It had been less than twenty years since the country had earned its indepence after a long and bloody battle against the invading Greek army,and the nation was too reluctant to fight.However,Turkey knew what the consequences would be shoud the Nazis prevail and agreed to become a Secret Ally…

  • Ramair, it’s no problem to get the game in germany, or AA:E or AA:P….
    Probably you know someone who knows someone in Germany…
    there are decent game shops around in the major cities, just as i bet there are in Istanbul… so, if you don’t find something, at least i could have a look…

  • Thank you very much for your concern F_alk.I had been trying to buy the game for almost three years when one of my friends living in the US finally managed to buy and bring it here from the US.Now that I own the game,my troubles are mainly over.

    Before this,just as you have suggested,I was almost sure that the game was sold in Germany,so I looked for it in Amazon,Germany.However,I was unable to find it.This led me to beleive the situation was just the same as it was in Istanbul.You are right,there are shops in Istanbul and many parts of Turkey as well which sell such games.I had talked to most of them,but they said due to lack of demand for the game,they were reluctant to bring only one or two games from Europe.

    It is really hard to understand why such a great game does not attract people as Risk or Monopoly does….

  • Well, the damnad for games like A&A seems to be higher in germany. But then, i have heard that germany has a rather strong board gaming culture and community.
    Maybe you should not have tried Amazon, but ebay… a friend of mine got a copy of “Fury of Dracula” there, which is out of print and very hard to get (at least you can’t get it in the game-shops in my city).

    Well anyway… have fun with your game, and promote board gaming in turkey 🙂 !

  • Like I said in another thread, the best Board Games are German 🙂

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