• We’ve been hearing a lot of different strategies regarding US’s role in the game. So I figured we’d start a thread on this…

    The US have the luxory of isolation. In the first turn they only realistically have about 4 IPC’s to lose maybe 5 if you count Hawaii…and in most cases they wont lose all 5 in the first turn anyhow. Now starts the debate…where shall the States go? West into the Pacific? or East towards Europe?

    Me, personally, I like the idea of avoiding the Pacific altogether. I think the Pacific is too time consuming for what its worth. Yes, I’ve heard that the islands of Japan’s Empire are worth 9, but…the time and effort of building a navy (assuming it was wiped out at Hawaii), going thru how many turns to take it all…by that time Japan and Germany may be ready to sandwhich Russia. Also, the mainland of Asia is worth 19 IPC’s!!! (from Iraq to Russia’s border, to the Russian Far East…not including what Japan starts off with) If I was Japan, I’d say “Take my Islands, I’ll take this, and this, and this, and this, and maybe Russia too!”
    I believe the US should take Africa back for the UK as they are within easy transport range, and also have fighter support in Russia and bombers in the UK ready to either take Germany’s money or bomb anything that touches water. They may even want to consider a joint effort with the UK in building an IC in asia (Sinkiang), that idea was thanx to Yanny. With a small force in Asia to slow the Japs down, fighters in Russia to defend and counter-attack, troops ready to land in W. Europe, and Africa’s UK $ safely outta Germany’s grasp, I think this allows for an excellent chance for the allied Victory.
    I appreciate your time and look forwrd to everyone’s opinion.

  • Just a note, my ideas in the Japan First thread are only for games which I want to have a little fun and take Japan instead of Germany. If I wanted to win I would go for Germany first.

  • note taken, Yanny, but what are everyone’s opinion on the US?

  • I think that realisticly Japan can only really take 4 IPCs from the mainland without a large and time consuming build up of forces similar to that the US would face if they decided to go into the Pacific. Of course the US also has the luxury of a larger income and, if the Japanese attacked pearl, the US would be virtually unopposed unlike on the mainland were Japan has to fight bitterly for every territory.

  • The USA’s real power punch is transporting troops into Europe. The US fleet supported by the UK’s, can withstand the attacks from the remainder of Germany’s airforce. Securing a beachhead, whether in Western Europe or Finland Norway, will cause great pains to the Germans. Moving infantry from Finland Norway to Karelia to Russia can cause some headaches for the advancing Japanese in Asia as well. It will take some time to reach this point, but your allies hopefully can hold out this long (say turn 6 for US troops in the Russian capital if the Russians still control Karelia).
    I love sending the US into the Pacific and Asia. Against experienced Axis players this doesn’t usually spell victory. But still I try. I read something on another thread having to do with deception. Shaking things up with different (even suicidal) strategies make the game worth playing. Maybe there is some strategy out there that can make a “Japan first” work out most times…

  • If there was a reliable “Japan First” strike it would have to be lead by the US. The plan would prob. consist of a US IC in Sinkiang, a UK IC in India, followed by a US landing in the Soviet Far east to back up and launch an offensive. Might be nice to try some deception too….maybe send UK’s transport and try and take a few islands to distract the Japs…and maybe look like the allies are defensive to allow the Japs to build an IC of their own and then WHAM!..thats gone too! I definatly think a Japan First strike would work, except for the fact that Germany would be a monster and go rampaging.

  • America’s Role - Ship Infantry to Europe and Africa every turn.
    Britain’s Role- Protect US fleet, delay Japan, use close air support to help Russia against Germany.

  • Americas Role, Do Britains job for him (protect Africa, assault Germany, hurt the Japanese mainland effort)
    Britains role, help defend Russia, build and keep a fleet, and stay alive. oh and also: pretend to assault Germany, andhurt the Japanese mainland effort

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