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  • I think I will be playing as Germany this weekend and wanted some of your advice. My plan is to purchase all infantry first turn or two and start marching them east hoping that when I am ready to strike hard at Moscow my later purchases of armor will have caught up. A few things I am concerned with…

    How much to I devote to Africa?
    Do I wait for Japan to deliver a 1-2 punch?
    Should I make a serious push for the caucus to get the factory?

    Just looking for basic advice. I never play as the germans.

  • Try to look for past threads that discuss German Strategy! There is a lot of things to read on the forum.

    Moreover there are basic strategy articles on the site that you could read:

    Germany Strategies.

    You should also take a look to the basic strategies for the other countries in order to check if your opponents make mistakes.

    IMHO your approach is quite good. First turn good purchases could be: 10 infantry and 1 fighter or 10 infantry and 2 panzers or other similar combination. In the following turn you may increase the quantity of panzers bought but IMHO you should never stop building infantry.

    Advancing on Caucasus or not, waiting for Japan or not… all depends on the board situation. Look at the board and make the assessment of the situation. Each game is different. What is good in one game may be very bad in another. So you have to look carefully to the situation.

    As general principle try to inflict the more damage is possible each turn to favour Japanese advance and try to wait for Japanese being in position to attack prior to advance on Caucasus a premature advance could be dangerous. But if Russia is weak and not well sustained by the allies then advance without waiting for Japanese.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Crucial advice for Basic German Strategy:

    Bring lots of warm clothes to Russia. You might think that your trip to russia will be done by fall, but winter comes quick, and frostbite sucks.

    Dont sink the Lusitania, no matter how many guns you might think are on it.
    Seriously. Just dont do it.

    Alsace and Loraiine… just not worth it. Let those whiny french keep it.

    Never trust men with small mustaches, no matter how persuasive they may seem.

  • Doh! In my Revised Box there are not warm clothes! Where I can get them? Usually when I play Germany I have never used the mustaches!


  • 2007 AAR League

    and most importantly, the italians are better spaghetti makers than allies.  If you have a choice, pick anyone else.

  • @mateooo:

    and most importantly, the italians are better spaghetti makers than allies.  If you have a choice, pick anyone else.

    Only we Italians are able to do spaghetti. Spaghetti made outside of Italy are good for gluing poster on the walls.

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