• Just played AAG for the first time. My brother in law had to go to bed early so we only got through the second phase before we had to pack it up. Took us that long to get through the rules.  🙂 I bought this game for myself as a birthday present for myself in early December and I finally had a chance to open up the ships and play it with someone, sorta. I’ll ask my rookie questions in another thread but I just invented a great idea for the battle box. For the few times we used it, I realized pulling out the tray with my fingernail was starting to wear off the black paint and would likely look pretty funky really fast. While sitting at my desk reading this site, I spotted my paperclips.

    I took out a jumbo clip, and decided to use it as my new pull out handle. You take the clip and bend the upper end    (____)__)    When I say upper end, Im refering to the smaller hole on one end, as shown by my crude representation. I put the other 3/4 of the paper clip length hanging off the end of my table, the smaller loop I kept on the table, I used my clip holder, or anything hard to act as a vise to hold the smaller loop in place while I pushed down on the other 3/4. I bent the clip all the way down so it looked like an  L  when I was done. I did this after I realised that the clip was just small enough in width to slide into the premade slot the cardboard pulltab folds into. So, you stick the clip on the inside of the tray snug against the pull out tab. Push it through the thin slot till 1/4 of the slip comes out the bottom. If you bent it like I did, 1/4 of the clip hangs out the bottom, the other 1/4 bent part hangs out like a steel tongue for you to grab onto. The tray pushes in all the way except the 1/16 of an inch you just added to the thickness of the pull out tab. Much easier to grab onto and should keep my tray looking nice. Remove paperclip when you pack it back up as the little steel tongue will not fit into the grove in the plastic tray for the battle box. Hope you all like my invention.

  • To make the box last longer, is there was for a laminate or coating to place on it?

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