• I know I havent been on the site for…idk…but june 6th reminded me of it it.

    Just a little info on those sneaky german marksmen that the Allies hated so much. Got to hand it to them though, they were the best of the best and made every american, brit, commie…no, not them, they ran into mg fire(Dert derts  :lol: ), and canuck sacred swizless to walk down an unfriendly street or field.



  • Very true…

  • '11

    That was a really great site and had some very good information on the snipers tactics and their impact on the war. I didn’t realize what a large influence they had on the Western front and how they devastated so many troops. It’s amazing what these individuals were capable of.

  • I still think soviets had the best snipers. they won Stalingrad and turned the war around.

  • None of the commies touch Simo Hayha. Stalin did have the best female snipers. One named Ludmila P-lottaletters knocked down over 300 Nazis. If she was my gal I’d let her win every arguement.

  • '11

    Wow, she was a bad ass sniper. I’d hate to have crossed her territory.

  • Well, there was hayha of finland who killed 552 commies untill he was wounded in CQC during the winter war. Erwin Konig killd about 500 untill Thorvald was sent to stalingrad to distpach him. He found were alot of headshots were happening and sat and waited. Thorvald say a glint under a steel sheet. He steadyed and shot. Later he found out it was Konig and he was rumored to have been shot through the scope and in the head.

  • That means that Konig had his sight on Thorvald, but Thorvald fired first! 😉

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