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Which A&A variant game is the best?

  • Hey - I’m not sure I’m posting this thread in the right spot (mods - please move in need be…), but I wanted to buy another A&A game (I have Revised already) such as Pacific, D-Day, Guadalcanal, etc.  I was wondering what you guys think the best variant game is.  Thanks!

  • Official Answers 2007 AAR League

    The last three games – D-Day, Battle of the Bulge and Guadalcanal are a bit of apples to oranges to compare them to Revised, Europe and Pacific.

    The first thing is do you need more than two players? DD, BOTB, GCNL are best as two player games.

    D-Day is IMO the weakest version. It is good for teaching those completely unfamiliar with wargames or when the game is secondary to just being social.

    Battle of the Bulge is the best example of a classic wargame (trying to put you in the spot of the commanders.) It has a radically different combat system and a hexagonal map board. It is the least like Revised of the two player games. It has a supply aspect that tests not only your tactics but logistics. (This is my favorite so far.)

    All for now. But I’ll be back a bit later tonight.

    Mods– this should probably move to ‘Player Help.’ (Thanks Fish!!!)  8-)

  • Official Answers 2007 AAR League

    Guadalcanal is the newest version. It is a specific battle game like D-Day and Battle of the Bulge. It is different in that it doesn’t use a reinforcement chart. You can chose which reinforcements you will get during that phase. It is a random casualty system like BOTB but it is based on d6 and not d12 dice. It seems to me to have the fastest pace as during some of the phases one side acts then the other side acts.

    Europe is the weakest of the ‘global’ games. The convoy zones make this interesting to me giving you a battle for the Atlantic aspect. You might call it a forced KGF without the Japanese squeeze.

    Pacific is a kick. It has convoy zones and rules for air bases and harbors. The US gets marines and the Japanese get Kamikazes. It has time pressure with Japan being able to get the win with Victory points. If you can find a set with the candy apple red Japanese pieces grab it. It is by far the best looking set right out of the box.

    That is a brief rundown. You know your preferences better and that is really what it comes down to. If you have any questions please ask.  🙂

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    Pacific is the most complete game.

    Bulge is probably the most innovative.

  • @frimmel:

    Europe is the weakest of the ‘global’ games. The convoy zones make this interesting to me giving you a battle for the Atlantic aspect. You might call it a forced KGF without the Japanese squeeze.

    Europe is good if you like making up your own variants like in 1939, or WWI or Napoleonic. most of the ones you could think off would go nicely with the Europe board.  could probably even do a Roman Republic version too.

  • Thanks everybody for the info - especially frimmel - props to frimmel!

  • which game is the most like Revised?

  • Official Answers


    which game is the most like Revised?

    Based purely on game play and mechanics, Europe.

    I agree with everything Frimmel said, BTW.

  • Thank you.

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