(Axis & Allies) X (Risk) = ?

  • My brother and I were wandering if they exist some rules to play axis and allies a little bit more like risk but with all the advantages of A&A. I mean are they any house rules that let you freely place your units on the map with no inital team and the goal is to conquer the world with the rules of combat of A&A ???  :?

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    that wont work because the game is over if you lose your capital and since some players go first you would just place the entire army next to the capital of your enemy and game over before he had even a chance. If you make any recommendations to avoid this your in the pitfall of a prescribed set up. Thats why you wont find such a thing even considered.

  • I think you misunderstand me….  Take for exemple the board game risk. Each game has a different setup and the goal is to  crush everyone on the map. I want to know if someone as came up with something like that for A&A, but forget about capital, forget about country… what i want is world domination game with the combat system of A&A

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    oh that.

    I got something like that already.

    look under boardgamegeek.com under risk: “somewhat more realistic version”  infantry , cavalry and artillery attack at different values using AA system, but with risk pieces.

    Your idea could take a long time considering all the different types of pieces to just get set up. many decisions.

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    It’s not that Hard, I played a game like that on the forums here once.

    Each choses a capital and two territories to start all remaining are neutral.

    Build 200 IPC Army/Navy/Air

    Every territory on the map is worth 2ipc except capitals are worth 8.

    The you place your armies in the territories that you own and create six random armies:
    1 = No Units
    2 = 1Inf,
    3 = 2Inf,
    4 = 1Inf & 1Arm 
    5 = 2Inf & 1 Arm
    6 = 1Inf & 1 Ftr

    when you invade any neutral roll to see what the defence is.

  • 😐
    Or, use A@A pieces on a risk board.
        Infantry are worth 3 reinforcemint point
        artillary are worth  4 points
        tanks 5
        fighters 10
        bombers 15
        transports 8
        well, you get the idea.
    Build a factory, (15 points) and all the units that you buy to place there, cost 2 points less!
      Protect it well, if a enemy captures it, then they can use it.
        The only way to get from one continent to another is with a transport “bridge”. One transport per dotted line is enough to ferry your army/armies across.
       Use A@A combat rules, and movement, or risk combat and movement, your choice on what you are comfortable with.
    It will be a slower game than Risk, but interresting none the less.
      I think I will set this up this weekend and see how it plays myself. It could be a good cross-over to get Risk players  interrested in playing A@A.  😉

    Bottom line, have fun!   😄

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