• @Amon:


    It is not a move that is done in J1, and is not a move to do in the face of UK and USA fleet that assault Japan.
    In my view is an intermediate view that Japan may do while on the route for other objective.

    Agree. with the exception afcorse if Japan units are ˝free˝ in the first turn, and dont have any ˝better˝ targets, then elimination of UK naval units would be a good move

    but i suppose you wanted to say this too, so i ve written it now

    he said that if japan was not in danger. if it was free Japan should attack.

  • As others already have said, Japan really should go after UK units and income as first priority.

    UK is close to Germany, and it is important to keep UK income as low as possible in the early game.

    USA is far away and need 2 turns to land in Europe, so even if US have high income they can not put it into good use in the early game.

  • Some people say, that China and Pearl II are “must do” attacks in J1.

    I think that depends on the board situation. Now if the Uk fleet retreated out of sight in UK1, then yes lets kill China and Pearl fleet. Obviously the allies play KGF, so take Pearl heavy, they wont counter it, their ships are bound for Atlantic now. Next turn place 3 trannies in sea zone 45 and threaten Hawaii and West coast and Australia and NZ.

    But some times the Uk play really aggressive. The brit DD sink your Kwan-tranny, the brit sub sink your only sub, the brit fighter land on the US carrier, the brits now occupie both Borneo and New Guinea (5 IPC) or FIC (3 IPC) and the brit CV and two trannies block your freedom of movement, making it freekin impossible to do Pearl heavy. In this situation I would prioritize to retake Borneo/NG/FIC and kill as many UK units as possible. If you dont, then Uk will use the high income to crush Germany.

  • I like that Brit opening a lot and have been thinking lately how to counter that. I’m having a hard time. My biggest concern is that the U.S. will split its resources 1/3 Japan, 2/3 Germany and then I’ll have to deal with that. What are your feelings on this possibility? I’ve always wanted to try it out but never got the chance. How successful can the two pronged, 2/3 Germany, 1/3 Japan, approach be?

  • Don’t worry about the Americans. If they split up their IPC’s between Japan and Germany, the Allies will end up loosing the fight. The Brits, if aggressive, can normaly only attack one of both Axispowers. Even if they sink your tranny and your sub, there’s nothing to be affraid of. You can destroy a lot with few efforts when the UK-fleet strikes at the Japanese in turn one, using your fighters.
    The only problem is that if and when the UK strikes at the Japanese in UK1, you can probably expect a KJF. Then it’s up to the Germans to Panzer their way to Moscow.
    If UK strikes the Japs on UK1, but then divert their offensive actions towards Germany, you shouldn’t have any trouble wiping them out of the Pacific and start nibbling on their income. Especially if USA splits its income between Germany and Japan.
    Anyway, that’s what I’ve experienced in the games that I’ve played. An Allied player who tries to assault both Germany and Japans digs his own grave…

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