Global War 1940/41

  • oldsalty,

    Thanks for the vote!

    A PDF version of the set up charts I mentioned should be available at the link below.  I had trouble uploading the Powerpoint version, but will try again so that people who have Powerpoint can easily edit the charts to their preference.

    Essentially, I left the same set up from Deaths Head version and simply added set up for the new units, Mech Inf/Cruiser/Fortification.  Only other changes were to modify destroyer stats, remove Industrial Complex from Hawaii (per previous Deaths Head post) and added Gibraltar (I have a typo on the chart…) set up for Fortification unit (probably should have added 1 Infantry as well…).  I know the rule ideas can sometimes get deep for additonal units, but the premise here was to add to the base game without adding too many complexities…KISS method…

    I am using the following pieces to represent these units:

    Cruiser: Guadalcanal cruisers for Japan and US / Table Tactics WWI Central Powers cruisers for other countries (colors match, so no painting needed)
    Mech Inf: Bulge trucks for Germany and US / Table Tactics WWI Central Powers half tracks for other countries (colors match, so no painting needed)
    Fortification: Did not use the D-day blockhouse.  Instead I went with the Table Tactics WWI Central Powers Machine Gun unit for all nations (again, colors match…)

    I have all versions of A&A, including old MB version as well as Xeno and The War Game, but these pieces seemed to work best.

    I have not play tested this set up yet, so TBD on whether it balances out…

    Regarding the map, I have not made any changes.  My version was a PDF file, so I could not make any real changes to this file.  I think people have tried to track down an “editable” version so they can use programs like Illustrator, but I’m not too familiar with how the hardcore map making/editing process works.  But I agree that a 1939 version would be great.

    Let me know your thoughts on the charts and set up.

  • Monroe:

    😄 I used the same background for my set ups.  I am using AARHE rules and set ups with this map, which I converted to 1939.  Still play testing.  Because of significant changes in IPCs between the two game boards and game set ups, I’ve had to change a lot of IPCs on the map.  Still working on China.  Had to text in “Neutrals” because I could not change color without making it look like a three year old’s coloring book.

    If you want to take a look here is my link.  Any comments welcomed.

    I’ve added the set ups as well, although the back ground is still work in progress.  I think I’m going to basically do what you did.

    What are you doing for neutral set ups?

    another + for your efforts

  • Moderator

    I am really happy to see people taking this Map on. Makes Me feel like I didn’t waste Hours upon Hours making the map and Playtesting it.

    I would wait on Making your Cruisers since the Anniversary Edition will include them.  :evil:

  • DH:

    What program did you use to make the map?  The ONLY changes I would want to make to the map is change the colors of some of the territories to convert it to a 1939 version.

    I also thought of doing a couple of blow-up territories along the top edge for off map play of some of the more crowded countries.)

    Pls let me know how to ungroup or edit the map or what program to use!  I’ve tried a couple ( adobe cs2 and an ms program.  Neither would open to allow editing other than over lay objects on top.)

  • Moderator

    Thats How I made this Map

    Just Keep Making layers  and Putting them on top.

    You would have to ask positronica what the origainal Program Used was.  Lots of Stamping Colors

  • For those of you who play the “Deaths Head” variant, I posted a variant version which incorporates Minor Axis and Allied powers.

    You can check it our under the “House Rules” topic and under “Minor Axis and Allied Powers”.

    There’s a link to a revised set up whic includes:

    Axis: Finland, Vichy France, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary

    Allied: Free French, Australian, Indian, Canadian forces broken out as separate powers.

    I added IPC updates and a samll rules variant for these powers.

    (This version also includes Cruiser, Fortification and Mech Infantry set up).

    Essentially, it’s Deaths Head’s set up with tweaks to allow these minor powers to have some game savvy.

    Check it out and please feel free to provide feedback (I’m just beginning play test myself - so rules feedback/set up/etc. is welcome)

  • DH,

    Just found your version of the map, and I remember when Positronica started that.  Great job on taking it and running, looks beautiful.

  • Moderator

    Thanks, As you can probably tell it has been a reALLY LONG TIME SINCE BEING ON THIS Site.

    To everyone who invested time and $, Thank you.

    Enjoy, I honestly do not have alot of time right now to work a little more on the map.

    Have a Happy New Year


  • Moderator

    This Map File Has been Downloaded 403 times. Wow,

    I didn’t realize that many hits were made.  Last time I checked, it was still in the 50’s.

    Ok, If you would Like to Make a List of still exhisting mistakes I will see what I can do for you.

    Since a '39 varient is wanted I make that  also.  It will come as a Overlay to the exhisting Map.  I use Plexi glass over all my boards. so after france Falls I just slide out the French Overlay. And if D-Day is Succesful, we can slide right bak Under with having to move a single piece.

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    another bump

  • Fans of the Death’s Head Map –> I copied this post I made in the House Rules section.


    Long time since my last post on this thread…

    I have run 5 games using the Minor Axis and Allied Powers rules posted earlier in this thread; all played on the “Deaths Head” map.

    Overall, the rules work and playability is very good.  The addition of these minor powers defiently adds a nice layer of strategy without burying you in rules or adding too many additonal hours to game time.

    After running these 5 games, I have made several refinements.  The set up charts worked fine - balance was good - so no changes to my previous post on unit set up.  I did revise Mech Infanty/ Cruiser stats and revide unit costs to AA50 levels.  Listed below are the latest version of the rules.

    I highly recomend giving them a try.


    • Use AA50 rules and unit costs

    • Use China rules per AA50

    • Use SBR - Factory Damage rules per AA50

    • Use CAP rules per AAP

    • Use Naval Base, Air Base and Convoy Rules per AAP/AAE

    • Use 1D6 Damage Repair rules for Battleships: Adjacent to Industrial Complex or Naval Base

    • Use “Dog Fight” rules for aircraft in land battles

    • Use Escort Fighters @ 1 / Defending Fighters @ 2 for SBR per AAE


    • Minor Axis Powers: Vichy France, Finland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria

    • Minor Allied Powers: Canada, India, Australia, Free French


    • German player controls Minor Axis powers
    • Separate player controls Minor Allied Powers or UK player controls Minor Allied powers

    UNITS TO REPRESENT Minor Axis/Allies Powers:

    • Minor Axis - I used sculpts from The War Game.  This was perfect because they are all german units types and they have multiple colors (White - Finland; Tan - Bulgaria; Gray - Vichy France; Yellow - Bulgaria; Brown - Romania) to cover the Minor Axis powers.  You could also use Xeno (they mass produced the Gemran infantry in a ton of colors); MB version of AA; or a few cans of spray paint.

    • Minor Allies - Light Blue spray paint on UK scuplts for Free French.  I used green UK scuplts from AAR for India and the yellow/tan AAE UK units for Australia.  I used the standard AA50 units for the UK.  Canada used UK units with a UK roundel underneth to identify them (I will eventually spay paint each Minor Allie a distinct color).  Again, this kpt all Minor Allied units in the UK sculpt family which worked nicely.


    • Mechanized Infantry Cost: 4 / Att: 2 (3 if supported by Art) / Def: 2 / Move: 2
    • Fortification: Cost:6; Intial 2D6 at 3 or less.  Makes Infantry defend at 3 (1:1 respectively).  Cannot be destroyed - but can be taken over by enemy.


    Germany and Minor Axis operate during the same turn.  UK and Minor Allies operate during the same turn.

    1. Germany/Minor Axis
    2. Soviet Union
    3. Japan
    4. UK/Minor Allies
    5. Italy
    6. USA/China


    • Germany receives posted IPC value for each Minor Axis territory (as in standard game play); provided it has not been conquered by an Allied army.

    • Germany is not required to have any units in these territories to collect the IPC value (as in standard game play)

    • If the Minor Axis territory is conquered by an Allied army, Germany no longer collects this income value (as in standard game play).

    • If Finland, Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria are conquered by an Allied power, these Minor Axis powers no longer have the ability to collect their IPCs or field military units, regardless of whether these territories are retaken by the Axis.  If these “home countries” are taken any units they have in other territories are removed from play.

    • Minor Axis powers collect a fixed IPC amount at the end of their turn, regardless of whether they conquered any Allied territories:  Vichy France - 3IPC; Finland - 3 IPC, Romania - 6 IPC, Hungary - 4 IPC, Bulgaria 4 IPC

    • Increase in IPC value for territories conquered by Minor Axis powers are applied to Germany only.  This is true whether the Minor Axis power conquered the territory by itself or in conjunction
      with German units.

    • Minor Axis IPCs cannot be shared with other Minor Axis powers or with Germany.  If a Minor Axis power is conquered by an Allied power, the Allied power receives wahtever IPCs that Minor Axis power has.

    • Minor Axis powers must always leave at least 1 unit in their capital nation at the end of their turn.  In the case of Vichy France, this includes the territories labeled Vichy France and Tunisia.

    • Finland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria must always have a direct supply line back to their home nation at the end of their turn.  This rule does not apply to Vichy France.

    • Some units are not eligible for purchase by Minor Axis powers as noted in the set up charts (blacked out).  Minor Axis powers cannot build Industrial Complexes.

    • New units for Finland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are always placed in the Minor Axis Power’s home country.  New units for Vichy France can be placed in Vichy France or Tunisia.

    • Vichy French units may only defend, they may never attack.  Vichy French units can move to other Vichy occupied territories (Vichy France; Tunisia, Morocco, Northern Algeria, Algeria; West Africa and French West Africa).  German and Italian forces can pass through/end movement Vichy territories in North Africa.  German forces can pass through/end movement in Vichy France in mainland Europe.

    • Allied Force may not pass through Vichy territries withoout attacking.  The exception is for naval unit movement as outlined in AA50 rules (sub/transports).

    • If North Africa is cleared of Axis forces (German/Italian), any remianing Vichy French units (including naval units) in Africa become Free French Units and are now contolled by the UK player.


    • Minor Allied powers operate as stand alone nations.  They can build all unit types, including ICs.

    • The IPCs for UK, Canada, Australia and India must be managed individually.  UK - 46 IPCs; India - 17 IPCs; Australia - 10 IPCs; Canada - 4 IPCs; Free French - 0 IPCs (Free French collect no income).

    • Industrial Complex in Calcutta (India) and New South Wales (Australia) are permitted a maximum placement of 4 new units (as opposed to labeled IPC value limit).  Industrial Complex in Quebec (Canada) is permitted a maximum of 2 new units (as opposed to labeled IPC value limit).

    • Except for the Convoy IPC sharing listed below, the IPCs must be used by their respective nation.  IPCs cannot be shared between UK and Minor Allied powers or amongst Minor Allied powers.

    • The 9 IPCs linked to the (4) British convoys located in the Indian and Pacific oceans can be allocated to either India or Australia as deemed by the UK player. The 3 IPCs
      linked to the British Convoy located near New Foundland can be allocated to Canada as deemed by the UK player.  The UK player can make this decision at the end of each round, during
      the Collect Income phase.

    • During the Mobilize New Unit phase, the UK player may place up to 2 units each in Calcutta (India) and New South Wales (Australia) and 1 unit in Quebec (Canada).  This is in addition to the amount permitted by India, Australia and Canada noted above.

    • If a single Minor Alllied power attacks and conquers an Axis territory, then the IPCs are applied directly to that Minor Allied power.  When an attack against an Axis territory is conducted by multiple Minor Allied forces, the UK player must announce during the combat move phase which Minor Allied power is the “lead” attacker.  This “lead” attacker receives the IPCs if the attack is successful and the territory is conquered.

    • Free French collect no income.  Any conquests by Free French troops are added to the UK players IPC value.

    • Each time Western France, France or Vichy France are liberated by an Allied nation and held for 1 complete round, place 2 Infantry as Free French Units in that territory during the UK player’s non-combat movement phase.

    • Mid-East Oil: Trans-Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Tehran and Iran represent allied controlled oil reserves.  If the Germany or Minor Axis forces take these territoires, the IPCs are paid to Germany from the Allies directly.  If Italian forces take these territories, the IPCs are paid to Italy from the Allies directly.  The allies can choose who pays the IPCs (either UK, Minor Allies or U.S., not Soveit Union).

    • Russian Oil: Caucasus represent Russian controlled oil reserves.  If the Axis forces take this territory, the IPCs are paid to Germany (or Italy) for Russia directly.

    Image of Deaths Head Map (Assuming I posted it properly…):

    Link to MS Excel version Set Up Charts, IPC Chart and Rules:

  • Moderator

    Nice job Monroe. It’s nice to see someone take this to the next level.

    I am concerned only about one thing, and that is the increase the allies have in Production at their non Capital IC’s in Canada, India and Calcutta. I feel that those increases may be a bit much. If I read your post correctly, for example, Calcutta can Produce 4 Indian Inf. and the UK can also add 2 more, for a total of 6 new units max. produced each turn from that indian IC. I feel that is a lot of production for a country whose Industrial might is that of a Mouse. Same goes with Canada and Australia. The Industrial capacity of these Nations realistically is not that High. With your new production totals Canada can Now produce 4 New Naval Units a Turn from Quebec. There is No way Canada Had that kind of Ship Building Capacity in WWII.

    With these big increases in production, I feel the Allies WILL win 99.9% of the time. It is to easy for them to put up substantial Defenses in remote regions of the world.

    I do not own  the AA50 editions so I can not comment on those changes, but I am sure they will work out fine, if not enhance the game even more.

  • Thanks Deaths Head.

    In 5 games its 3-2 in favor of the Allies.  One of the limiting factors in too much build up on any 1 turn was IPC level (Canada only 4 and Austalia only 10).  But when I consider the 5 games played, I think you make a good point - these remote regions gave the Axis a tough go everytime.

    I have another game coming up this week and will try the following modification:

    India/Calcutta: 3 Unit max placement (per map posting)
    Australia/New South Wales: 2 Unit max placement (per map posting)
    Canada/Quebec: 1 Unit max placement (per map posting)

    In addition, the UK player may place 1 unit of their choice on one of the 3 minor powers per turn.

    So this scales back the remote regions direct build capability and the UKs ability to “aid” that Minor Power.

    I’ll give some feedback afterwords.

    If you end up playing a game with these rules, please post futher thoughts.

    Also, I’m trying to get the set up charts designed on a background similar to your original version (which looked awesome) by my skills in this area are weak :oops:.  If you happen make similar set up charts for this version one day, please post  😄


  • Lot of work, great effort!!


  • Customizer

    Sorry if I been over this before, catching up with this after a few years.

    Many good things with this map, like correct treatment of canals.

    What is the date of the colour control key? (Madagascar should probably be VF)

    Anyhow, noticed the following:

    The Italian symbol should be the fasces; I’d also replace the incorrect LH symbols for Germany & USSR.

    Papua is spelled Papau!  (Is this contagious?)

    Bangladesh is anachronistic, this should be East Bengal; in fact India is a mess with Bombay and Calcutta misplaced.  Delhi should be the capital.

    Norway should not have a border with USSR.

    Caucasus is misnamed; the Georgia territory should be Caucasus.

    Congo should be Ubangi-Shari.

    I’d change SZ 17 to stop a quick hop from England to West Germany.

    Where is Portugal, and why is Mozambique British but not Angola?

    Afghanistan is wrong; Kashmir should not border Uzbekistan.

    I dislike using “Algeria” for southern Algeria, and Northern for Northern; same with French Indochina, France, Libya, Poland, Manchuria, Iran etc.

    It seems a bit unfair that Germany gets no railways, as it’s territory covers the most concentrated area of tracks in the World; I’d certainly run a line from Western France to Poland, perhaps all the way to Moscow; and one from Berlin to Rome.

    I’d build up the “Sverdlovsk” territory to 3 or 4 IPCs, this was a new heavily industrialised area that produced the majority of Soviet tanks in WWII - this is where the 4th Russian factory should be located/moved depending on rules.

  • @Deaths:

    I am Pleased to Announce that I am all done with this project.  There are still a few spelling errors on the setup charts, But I think you guys can figure it out.

    The long wait will be worht it.

    This is a Rather large File and I blew the map up to around 6.5’ x 3.75’  I t small enough to fit on a standard sheet of Plywood and still have some room around the edges for all the “stuff” needed to play.

    The Link to Map and Set up Charts-


    Set up Charts

    USA + China

    USA is not correct chart, They do not get Factory in Hawaii

    Great Britain





    Neutral Powers

    Neutrals are not even close, sorry

    hi i would love to play this version, but i can’t see the map. it does not open. can you please upload a new pic of the map.

  • Moderator

    thanks for saying something.  i will see if I can dig up the disk

  • @Deaths:

    thanks for saying something.  i will see if I can dig up the disk

    i downloaded the pic of the map. it looks great!!! is there an official 1939 version of this game? what kind of units do you use for the italians?
    keep up the good work.

  • To be perfectly honest, I love this map
    you get me a file i can bring to kinkos and get printed in good quality, ill playtest it till the cows come home.

    I have some Jpegs of it, a few errors, and id prefer less stock photos in the water and such, and perhaps some other fixes…wake? why is it japanese in 1940~? Names etc.
    But all in all the best large map avalable

  • Moderator

    thank you

  • Moderator


    i downloaded the pic of the map. it looks great!!! is there an official 1939 version of this game? what kind of units do you use for the italians?

    I use my Red japanese pieces from Pacific as Jap. and the yellowish color Jap pieces from revised for the Italians.

    No I have not seen a 1939 version or even worked on one yet.

  • Moderator


    hi i would love to play this version, but i can’t see the map. it does not open. can you please upload a new pic of the map.

    Everything except Italy uploads for me

    I will try to fix this.

  • Moderator


    I have another game coming up this week and will try the following modification:

    India/Calcutta: 3 Unit max placement (per map posting)
    Australia/New South Wales: 2 Unit max placement (per map posting)
    Canada/Quebec: 1 Unit max placement (per map posting)

    In addition, the UK player may place 1 unit of their choice on one of the 3 minor powers per turn.

    We Actually stole “Common Wealth Troops” from some where on these boards and replaced the National Advantage “Colonial Garrison” and Inserted.

    Common Wealth Troops- The UK player may place 1 free infantry per turn in any of Quebec, Calcutta, New South Wales IC’s. This Inf. does not count against Build limits of said IC.

    We almost always Play with NA’s. Or should I say Refined NA’s. The majority are From Revised.

    Russia all same except
    Lend Lease- just like b4, but now the units need to be at a IC to “Transform”
    Trans Siberian Railroad- removed completly, it’s on the map and replaced with another “Stolen” NA
    Guards Tank Army- any Russian Tanks defending in Moscow, Stalingrad, or Lenin Grad def. on 4’s

    Germany All the Same- Luftwaffe Dive Bombers look really tasty Now  :evil: especially if you use escort rules


    Common wealth troops replaces Colonial Garrrison
    Enigma decoded removed and replaced with ( Can’t remember, too lazy to go look right now)

    Kamikaze is an actual unit  they can build
    Kamikazi  2,0,4(1) cost 5.  It has First strike and called shot.  It’s combat move is 1 it’s Non combat move is 4

    Kaiten Torps is changed to Island Bases.

    USA gets something and loses something also, i can’t remember though  :x

    Honestly we give them another BB and thats about it.

    we use a 10 tech tree
    basic 6 +
    Ind. Tech -reduces the cost of units by 1, but only 1 type of unit can be declared, ie. Air units, Land Units and Sea Units this picked randomly roll d6 1,2= Land,3,4= Sea etc….
    Super Carriers- can base 3 planes
    Long range Arty. Allows a Prlimanary Bombardment
    Don’t remember the 4th one  :x

    hope this helps you a little

  • Moderator

    All the links work now except for the Neutrals, which is really no big deal.

    Finally with the release of “Flank Speed” from War at Sea, I have all the Neccassary pieces to blow this map up into a 8x4 size and use Version 1 AAM’s and War at Sea pieces instead.  I will post pics when I get the map printed.  Should be in a couple weeks

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