• Set up the game this past weekend using the map and set up charts on page 1 of this thread.  Overall, it makes for an impressive beginning…A few notes/questions:

    • Piece density is a challenge in the following territories: Northern Italy, Southern Italy, Rome, London, Great Britian, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Yugoslavia.  I am creating some “off map” placeholders to help with this problem (those bombers take up ton of space :-)).  All other territories handle initial set up well.

    • Germany Set Up: Bavaria is on the map, but not listed on the set up chart.  Should there be any German units in Bavaria to start the game?

    • Japan Set Up: Hainan listed on the set up chart but not showing up as a territory on the map.  I assume Hainan set up should be ignored.

    Very minor issues for a grand project…Game play is set for next weekend - I’ll give an update then…

    I will also study the Crusier set up idea.

  • Correction from my above post: Found Hainan - island off the coast of French Indochina.

    My bad - sorry for the mistake.

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    Correct, Bavaria does not have any units from game start.

    the density is an issue yes, just print map bigger. 😄

    Also, Make sure u do not put factory on Hawaii

    Glad you like it

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    it has been just brought to my attention that the Set up charts are not there.

    I will see if I can Dig them up, but any one who happened to get them before they dissapeared, could you plz repost them

    Thank you


  • no one have the place set cards??

  • I do but I don’t have a way to post them

  • I have them but don’t know how to post.  Let me know where to send and I’ll do it.

    Using your board and love the additional strategic play with the additional szs and territories over other AA maps.

    One question on convoy center boxes.  They are attached to 3-4 szs.  How do you get control of convoy center?

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    I have them but don’t know how to post.  Let me know where to send and I’ll do it.

    Using your board and love the additional strategic play with the additional szs and territories over other AA maps.

    One question on convoy center boxes.  They are attached to 3-4 szs.  How do you get control of convoy center?

    I can’t seem to find My disks with the most Up to date lists, still looking though. Just moved recently.

    The convoy Zones- Do you have AA Europe? If you do, read those rules on it and that is how you use them.  Otherwise you just sail through the zones with a combat ship.(not a Trans or Sub)
    Subs must expend 1 Movement to “clear out” said Convoy. 1 to move in, and then 1 to Claim. If your sub used 2 Movements to get to said Convoy, you do not take control of said Convoy till your next turn, of course your sub must still be alive during your Next turn and expend one of it’s 2 movements to “patrol” said Convoy.

    I will send you an Email Addy, see if you can Email them to me.

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    Ok your Soviet link gives us UK list

  • Moderator

    I updated first post with your Media fire links

    Soviet Russia is still coming up UK card
    Fix that and you will have the gratitude of the entire community


  • Here is the Soviet card link.  Small price for the downloads and work you did.  Do you have a 1939 version?  Tried downloading your 1942 file into AICS2 but could not get it to work.  First time using AI so I need to spend some time on the learning curve.

    Kudos for your comments on the convoys.  I was trying to apply the box to AAP rules.


  • Moderator

    Thank you, I have updated your links to the first page Post. And Saved them again. Just in case.

    Any other Q?'s you may have, Feel free to ask.


    Don’t forget, USA Does not get that Factory on Hawaii.

  • ok thx a lot friends only i need the neutral ones

  • Moderator

    I am surprised I have gotten no positive Karma for this.  O well

    I will get to work on Neutral cards for this as soon as possible

  • Death:

    Is there a 1939 version of this map and player aides?

  • OK Raz, here you go.  I found the Neutral Set Up card as well.  Download it below.  I think I remember DH saying it might need a little work though.


    Any thoughts to a 1939 version?  Once I learn how to use AI CS2 I will start on my own version.

  • Moderator



    Is there a 1939 version of this map and player aides?

    Not yet, But I intend on making some.

    But with War at Sea Task Force Coming out tommorrow, I will be Busy playing with me Boats for a while

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    Any Feed back yet?

    Has anyone played a few games on the Map?

    Any changes needed other then the resizing of a few territories?


  • We are using the map exclusively and find the additional territories and sz’s great for expanded strategies.  Expect a longer game but that’s fine with us.  Not too many games under our belt.  We have converted the map to 1939 (don’t know how to change the colors so we are just using markers- if you tell me what program to use ill convert it to a 1939 map and share).

    Only draw back to the map we see is the country size of Europe.  We have blown up the map to 5" X 2.5" and its still tight with 15mm pieces.  We have had to use individually blowen up sections off map to play or use a lot of placement counters.  Would rather see Europe larger and playable than geographicall correct.

    Still, best board out their in our groups opinion.

  • What program can I edit the map with?  Would like to make a 1939 version but can’t use CS2.  All I want to do is recolor some of the territories.  I’ve also added unit icons for set up to existing map.

    Be happy to share once completed.

  • Finally played this map.  This is the first time we’ve played with something other than the supplied boards.  It’s been a long time since our group played A&A together, so this first game was a little rough (1 guy hadn’t played since the Milton Bradley days…).  Needless to say, I left Neutrals out of this game altogether.  But once we got rolling, everybody enjoyed the breadth of gameplay the map offers.

    Axis won - but I think this had more to do with a long hiatis for the Allied players than game imbalance.  Japan rocked in the 1st round - hurting China and US Pacific fleet - and taking Manila and Hong Kong.  Germany also had a stong 1st round against Russia - managing to take Leningrad and hold for the game - and the U-boats did some work in the Atlantic.  I must say, as it was our first time, Italy was fun to play.  Their navy managed to link up with German ships and this put the UK on the defensive the whole game.

    Allies managed to clear Axis from Africa (one Allied player always tries to follow the history books - bad strategy :-)) and UK Pacific (Australian and Indian forces) brought Japan back down to earth with some amazing rolls.

    In summary, our comments are similar to oldsalty - Europe map density is tough given the amount of action.  We also used some blow ups to “clean up” the board.  Only other comments would be to use a dotted line rather than a solid line for sea zone borders to give the board a little softer feel and different shade of orange for Japan - but not major issues that affect playability.  Its a great map and offers the opportunity to add any special rules along the way (To this point I have prepared a version of the set up sheets which include Cruiser, Fortification and Mechanized Infanty units - I can list in another post if interested…).

    So if you’re wondering - yes - it’s worth the cost to print…even our Milton Bradley guy was considering getting one made and getting back into regular playing mode!

    Again - thanks for the efforts.

  • Monroe:

    I would like to see a copy of your set up charts.

    We are using AARHE rules and set ups with this map - with the map converted to a 1939 layout.  So, far, the combination kicks a**.

  • oldsalty,

    I used the same set up charts prepared by Deaths Head and added set up ideas for the Cruiser, Mechanized Infantry and Fortification units. It’s really just a small addition to his version.

    The stats and set up location for these additional units are largely based on a number of posts from the contributors of this great site - so I don’t expect any karma points for being original.  😄

    Basically, the idea was to add a few additonal “impact” units to the already great base that has been established here without messing up game balance or playability.

    In summary:

    Cost - 15 IPC
    Move - 3
    Attack - 4*/3 (*Attacks on a “4” during 1st round of combat); (no shore bombardment capability - leave that for the Battleship)
    Defend - 3
    Still only 1 hit to destroy
    So the Cruiser adds some addiotnal 1st round firepower with extended movement vs. other naval units.

    As a result of adding the Cruiser unit, I modified the Destroyer unit:
    Cost - 10 IPC
    Move - 2
    Attack - 2
    Defend - 2
    So the Destroyer becomes a little more cost effective and offer submarine detection capabilites as always.

    Mechanized Infantry:
    Cost - 4 IPC
    Move - 2
    Attack - 2
    Defend - 3
    Can transport 1 Infantory or 1 Artillery

    Cost: 6 IPC
    Move: -
    Attack: -
    Defend: 3
    Two key benefits for this unit:

    1. Roll 2 dice at 3 or less per Fortification during 1st round of Amphibious Assault against attacking land units
    2. For each Fortification, increase 1 infantry defense to “3”
      Other rules:
      This unit cannot be destroyed and can be taken over and used if the terrirtory is taken by the enemy.
      Stacking is allowed up to the respective IPC of the territory

    I recreated the set up charts using MS Excel/Powerpoint (2007 version), but file size is ~60MB, so I’ll convert to a lighter format (like PDF) and post later/tomorrow.  Again, style is same as Deaths Head with unit set up for added for the units listed above.

  • Monroe:

    Gave you a karma anyway for the great response.  Actually tried to give you 2 but it would not let me.  🙂

    Not sure if you are aware, but you can post larger files at:  http://www.mediafire.com/about.php

    Good stuff.  Have you done any additions to the map?  I want to change a few territory colors to create a 1939 map but can’t find a program to do it?  Any ideas?

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