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    I am Pleased to Announce that I am all done with this project.  There are still a few spelling errors on the setup charts, But I think you guys can figure it out.

    The long wait will be worth it.

    Pictures can be found on pages 7-8 in this thread

    This is a Rather large File and I blew the map up to around 6.5’ x 3.75’  I t small enough to fit on a standard sheet of Plywood and still have some room around the edges for all the “stuff” needed to play.

    The Link to Map and Set up Charts-


    Set up Charts

    USA + China

    USA is not correct chart, They do not get Factory in Hawaii

    Great Britain



    Italy Does Not Get IC in Libya


    Neutral Powers

    Double the Neutral powers forces on Set up chart

    Axis and Allies Global War

    National Advantages


    1 Radar
    2 Joint Strike
    3 Sub Hunters - Bombers may attack a Sub w/o a Friendly DD present. Bomber has a range 4 and a attack at a 2
    4 Mideast Oil  territories of Trans jordan- Iraq- Syria, Cairo,
    5 French Resistance  When ever the Allies Take Paris, You may place 3 of your Inf. there for free.
    6 British Common Wealth- You may place 1 free Inf at either, Calcutta, Quebec or New South Wales each turn. this does not count torwards build limit


    1 Russian winter
    2 Non Aggression Treaty
    3 Mobile Industry
    4 Salvage
    5 Guards Tank Regmt. Soviet Tanks defend on 4 in Leningrad, Stalingrad and Moscow
    6 Lend Lease  Must convert units at IC


    1 Island Bases
    2 Chinese Divisions
    3 Marines
    4 Mechanized Inf.
    5 Fast Carriers
    6 Super Fortresses  Bombers may defend against Interceptors @ a 1


    1 U-Boat Intrerdiction
    2 Atlantic Wall
    3 Panzerblitz
    4 Wolfpacks
    5 Luftwaffe Daive Bombers
    6 Fortress Europe


    1 Regina Marina  +1 BB at game start
    2 Black Shirts  Inf defend on a 3 in Home lands
    3 Bravado Inf Att @ a 2 for firts round of combat only, 3 w/ Arty
    4 Germanic Influence  Germany may build Units from Italy’s Factories. No more then 2 units
     may built this way. During Italy’s mobilize new units phase these units are    
     replace with the Italian Equevelent. ( Italy’s version of lend lease)



    1 Tokyo Express
    2 Kamikaze’s  New unit cost 5, move 2(4) no defense  fighter attacks on a 2,called shot,
     Shoots like AA- May only target ships
    3 Kaiten Torpedoes  Subs attack @ 3  4 w/ super subs when in waters controlled by japan
      at start of game
    4 Lightning Assaults
    5 Dug in Defenders
    6 Banzai Attacks

    Technology Tree   (d-10)  must roll a 6 on a d-6 first  cost 5 per die

    1. Jet Fighters- fighters now attack at 4
    2  Radar
    3 Combined Bombardment
    4 Rockets
    5 Long range Aircraft
    6 Super Subs
    7 Super Carriers  Carriers now carry 3
    8 Paratroopers
    9 Industrial tech  Roll a D6  1-2 land, 3-4 Air, 5-6 Sea, cost reduced by 1
    10 Longe range Arty  Artillary may perform a Bombardment as if it were a BB. Bombards @ 1 may not move during combat move. Bombardments are matching to each
       ground unit attacking

    Paratroopers-  cost 4 att @ 2 and move 1
    Transport plane cost 8, move 6 att 0,  can carry 2 Paratroopers  (2 reg inf during noncombat)
    Paratrooper and transport must start turn in same space to perform a attack. Paras deploy after def. AA has fired but before main combat takes place. Treat Air transports the same as naval transports for combat purposes. AA fire can hit Air trans.

    AAE= Axis and allies Europe
    AAP= Axis and Allies Pacific

    Convoy’s  AAE
    Interceptors and escorts AAE
    CAP fighters AAP

    Subs- May not be fired upon by Airplanes without a friendly DD present. ex. (The US cannot Attack subs with Airplanes w/o an American DD in the combat. A Friendly Nations DD can’t help, Because they are not part of the Attacking force so the Planes do not gain Benifit.
    except during a “Joint Strike” attack.

    Neutrals. If attacked and not defeated their starting force is replenished.
                Double the Neutral # of units on Set up chart. This is there defense Force

    Roads and Rail-, Burma road, Transcontinental RR, and Trans Siberian RR.

    Arty and Infantry may move 2 spaces during Noncombat along these routes.  A unit must start it’s movement on the road to gain Benifit.  Any section of road or rail that is captured can be used the turn it comes under control of a new owner.

    Industrial complexes can produce = to their IPC level of that territory
                                                   Capitols may produce 2x IPC value

    Use the Standard AA50 Rule set otherwise

    Quick buy Chart (cost,Att,def,movement)

    Infantry  3,1,2,1
    Tanks    5,3,3,2
    Arty       4,2,2,1  Inf Supportable
    AA        5,0,1,1
    Fighter  10,3,4,4
    Bomber 12,4,1,6
    Tactical Bomber 10,3,2,4
    Sub        7,2,2,2
    Transport 6,0,0,2
    DD         8,2,2,2   Anti sub
    Cruiser   12,3,3,2  Bombard
    BB         20 4,4,2  2 Hit
    Carrier    14,1,2,2

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    you got ItaLY twice and no Germany.

    also, can you get rid of all those wavy lines. I just need 2-3 after the coastline, rather than 25 😞

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    Fixed That.

    Germany now there

    I am going to go and Shrink this map so I can Upload it for you Folks, Later Today

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    also, can you get rid of all those wavy lines. I just need 2-3 after the coastline, rather than 25 😞

    I can’t.  Those wavy Lines are embedded into the graphix by psitronica.

    I kinda like em 🙂

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    Map is now a DL option from Media Fire along with the correct country cards

    Please enjoy


  • Are the rules documented for this version?

  • Moderator

    I had posted the rules we use when we playtested this. But I figured folks would just complain about it. so I removed them.

    I will certainly post them if people want them.

    Also I posted the wrong American and Nuetral Setup charts.

    I will put those up later this week

  • Please do post the rules.  Its difficult for me to play without them  😄


  • Having the map printed this week and looking forward to playing this version.

    I know the game is officially finished… :-D…but…any thoughts given to adding Cruisers to this game?

    If added, what would you recommend as starting set up for each nation?

    Based on your playtesting of this version, I’m curious on how you would balance the addition of this unit.

    Appreciate your feedback (and all your efforts to launch this game!)

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    I think we need to add Khaki to the game and of course a proper color for Germany other than BLUE, because my pieces are colored grey and id like to have a match.

    I could use German pieces for the Grey territories but of course in this game England sadly is Grey.

  • Moderator

    I think u are confused IMp

    Uk is not grey


    The us set up chart is not supposed to have IC on Hawaii.

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    Added a brief Suggested ruleset to use

  • Please, can you add the rules? Thank you…

  • Moderator

    I did, they are in 2nd post

  • Received printed map today and it looks great!  Excited to play.

    My bad, but I can’t locate the posted rules…is there a link in one of your posts?

    Also, what are your thoughts on adding the Cruiser unit (country setup for this unit)?

  • Moderator

    Yeah Posted the Basic rules we used while Playtesting.  I believe they are in the 2nd post in this thread.

    As far as techs and stuff and can give you a suggested tree complete with National advantages.  Basically Use a Revised ruleset, with the Mods mentioned earlier in thread.

    How big did you print it?

    And How much was it?

    Glad you like it. I love mine

  • Maybe the best A&A map I have seen so far, since I love A&A Europe and Pacific, and the convoy zones and ports.

    But again we have this Norwegian issue. You made Norway one territory, but Italy mainland 3 territories. Norway too should be cut into 3 territories, because in 1939 there were no railroads or highways and it took a long time to travel from sout Norway to north Norway.

    Also in 1939 Norway was not adjacent to Russia. Finland had the Petsamo with its worlds largest nickel mine at Kolosjoki, and this was the reason Germany occupied north Finland and startet the Litza-front. Both the nickel from Kolosjoki and the iron ore from Kiruna was shipped on convoy zones that are missing in your map, maybe because UK blocked this trade-route in the real world ? But this game is a What-if ? game, and if UK had not blocked this convoy route, then Germany would get great income and maybe win the war. Hitler said that the Northern Front was decesive, but not in any A&A game I have see.

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    I Tried to add a convoy zone to the Baltic Sea, there was just No room for it.

    The european Portion of the map with the exception of the Berlin Space is straight from the AAE version of the game.

    This was a Major area that Germany did get its resources from, and I tried to represent those Convoy’s with a Beefed Up Baltic Fleet.  Large enough at first that UK can’t just Simply Kill it first turn like revised.

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    Cruisers, Yes I have toyed with the IDea.

    I would make Destroyers cost 8, 2 att, 2 def., 2 move,
    Cruisers cost is 12 they are a 3,3,2.

    as for with set up, I would just simply make cruisers a Buy Option for each country.

    The set up charts are a Pain in the Ass to Add new units or territories too.  I learned this adding Brazil as a Neutral

  • @Deaths:

    I Tried to add a convoy zone to the Baltic Sea, there was just No room for it.

    Lol, the convoys was not in the Baltic Sea. The resources was convoyed from ports in Northern Norwegian coast, in what is seazones 3 and 4 in Revised map. I dont know what number your map got on this, because I cant get it large enough to see.

  • Moderator

    what do you mean, can’t get it large enough to see?

    Did u Down load it?

    I gave a Anchor to Norway, that was not originally there. Hope that helps.  🙂

  • The version of your map that I downloaded was a 2mb jpg.  I had a friend who runs a graphics company color correct and print it @ 67"x32".  It’s printed in a thin, flexible matte plastic which allows for easy rolling for transport.  Overall, the resolution and detail are very good for play use.

    I also found a 21mb jpg of Postronica’s original (semi-updated) version and printed that at the same size/style.  Again, resolution is fine for play use.  [Surprisingly, the print quality of the 2mb and 21mb file are not that much different; could be my friend did some grpahics magic before theprint run  :-D]

    But your version of the map (which features many edits from previous posts) will be my “go to” map.

    Regarding the Cruisers - I was thinking similar modification of destroyer stats to work in the cruiser.  I hear you on the editing thing for set up charts - not eay to do…  I may take a stab at suggesting some set up ideas and drop in a post (need to use all those table tactics units :lol:).

    Hoping to get my A&A crew together in the next few weeks to play.  I’ll give some feedback after the session.

    Again - thanks for the efforts!

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    can we get the modified map file link?

  • Moderator

    this thread is the modified Map link

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    Do you have a higher resolution map? Something not jpeg?

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