• I have been in the forum fore about a month and i don’t understand why the mayority in here playes revised without NA.
    The interest for “pact of steel” that is perfectly balanced is almost none (using NA from LHTR - Italy have same NA as Germany)

    If you have the option to play with NA that make the game even more strategic i really cant see why the interest is low. Even the Triple A do not support NA
    I also think it makes the game more historical correct. After reading alot of post it seems like you guys are very interesting in the right pieces - and so on…

    kindly regards Niels

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    A)  I don’t really have access to Pact of Steel and don’t really want to shell out money for yet another variant. 😛

    B)  I do play with national advantages quite often and have been a major supporter of getting the organization to run national advantage tournaments.  I also don’t know what the hesitation is with people playing with National Advantages except, maybe, that they were so horrible out of the box that people have a bad taste in their mouth.  Though, honestly, both LHTR 1.3 and LHTR 2.0 seem to have done a good job of fixing them (1.3 is better then 2.0 I think) and of course, AARe is just plain awesome!

  • 😐
    I think that most people want to play as balanced a game as possible, within a resonable time frame, that is why they avoid the NAs’.
    Things can get pretty out of wack in a hurry when one side gets a good set of NAs’ and the other doesn’t.
    Granted, it is all about choosing a good strategy, but most players would like to start out with some balance to the game.  😉

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    The only Balance I need is, Fortress Europe, Panzerblitz and wolf Packs,

  • Well thats the thing.
    Revised is not balanced hence we have bids.
    (Discussion of why people use bids are out of scope.)
    It makes it hard to bid when you don’t know what you are bidding on.  😐

    Maybe a system can be devised somehow.

  • And regarding TripleA, one day, one day we’ll support NAs and with some luck other official AA games. Pushing it further and being very hopeful then TripleA might even support house rules in the future.

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    Bids change depending on national advantages.

    if you get the three listed, then I’ve seen players bid how much they need as the ALLIES to balance the game back out!  Remember, LHTR went on a streak to nerf the Allies and boon the Axis, so many of the Axis NAs are more valuable then the Allied ones.

    Then again, if you didnt get something worthless like Middle East Oil, but rather got Enigma, then it may already be balanced out.

  • @Cmdr:

    A)  I don’t really have access to Pact of Steel and don’t really want to shell out money for yet another variant. 😛

    Jennifer, I’d strongly advise you to try it. It is a TripleA variant of Revised with few changes (unlike other variants):

    • Italy is added as a power, starts with the territories of Sardinia, Sicily, Greece, West Balkans and Libya. Its navy is beefed up a bit with an additional DES and TRN. It also starts 1st before Russia.
    • UK has slightly more ships on the Atlantic and the Indian and more starting troops in UK/Africa.
    • US Hawaii fleet has been moved off to Midway (to replicate the Midway attack).
    • China is now 3 territories.
    • Germany has the Baltic DD upgraded to a BB, plus 2 INF and 2 ARM in Algeria.
    • Slight IPC changes in territories.

    I’m hoping that the coming anniversary edition will be very similar to it concerning the map and gameplay. It really takes out some of the fighting from Europe and into the Med/Indian/Pacific/Asia.

    Since you don’t seem to be a TripleA fan, it’s fairly easy to play with though by using forzaniller map: just print it out, get the new deployment charts and use Revised’s pieces. And very cheap too! 🙂

  • I must say that the pact of steel is the perfect game for my crew and I

    I guess we haved played about 20 times and i am sure that luck is reduced to win the game
    It is a great thing that South Africa is increased to 3 ipc and if you use NA britain could buy a IC in round 1 and then have IC in Britain , India and South africa. The War in africa between Italy and Britain is perfectly balanced and Britain has to balance its IPC between the three areas. US has a greater fleet that means it can split to fight in both pacific ocean and atlantic ocean. In most of our games we have mayor wars between Bri/US vs. Ger in northern europe, Ger vs. rus in eastern europe, Bri/US in Africa - both fronts from west and south against italy, Bri/US vs. japan in india and china(now 3 zones), US vs. Japan Naval battle in the pacific ocean with british support.
    In almost every game all these battles are mayor important battles and therefore 5 mayo important battles. Not just like revised where you mostly have 3-4 mayor important battles.
    The result is a perfectly balancd game that mayby is 50% longer but much more fun because you cant point the winner early like in revised where you almost guarentiet can point the winner out in 4th or 5th round.
    Some of our games run for 10-15 rounfs before you can see who are winning the game.
    Just my opinion

    you can say that it is a long game - sure! but lot more fun if you like to win a tactical win with less luck involved.

    In triple A you can find pictures of markers to print and buy a color and paint pieces from the old A&A to make italian pieces sacrifice 2 destroyers and a few artillery (mayby from D-day) to italian pieces also.

    It took me about 3 hours to print the map(60x100), painting pieces, creating markers and write a setup chart.

    kind regards

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    Well thats the thing.
    Revised is not balanced hence we have bids.

    Bids make revised even more unbalanced
    especially if you play with tech and Get atleast an 8 IPC Bid.

    Operaration Sealion is a go.
    GE Spends Every penny for Long Range Aircraft. and 9 out of 10 times, Germany is successful at taking UK first turn.  Now thats unbalanced.

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    I don’t agree on having to wait to get your investment.

    Also his Carrier placing rules are just plain stupid IMO  Seriously I land my plane where there is no landing strip, then magically a carrier appears below me.

    lets give heavy bombers a better chance by giving extra dice and then get to pick 2 best

    I’ll take OOB b4 LHTR anyday thank you.

    Revised is fun, but forcing Germany to fight Russia in the manner it does is crap.

    I only play revised w/ NA’s,  Even on Triplea  I would rather play a Free for All b4 a game of revised.

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