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  • Evening!

    I just stumbled into the “Play Boardgames” forum, and was intrigued.  Have you all ever tried a game of AARHE 4.0 or Lite that people can follow along with.

    It’d be very helpful to see a few turns played out with some discussion thrown in.

    • Bierwagen

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    Tekkyy has done that…its further down the list of threads its AARHE using OOB map.

    Right now AARHE is designed for playing OTB.

    Also, post some pictures of your gaming sessions. Id like to see your map.

  • ok a demo of LITE…
    you need the abattlemap map at the AARHE repository


  • R0: Collect Income

    R0: Purchase
    1 ftr = $10
    3 inf = $9
    1 arm = $5

    R0: Combat Move
    (note no DAS allowed at R0)

    -> to Wru: 3 inf 1 art 1 arm
    3 inf 1 art 1 arm from Cau
    3 inf 1 art 2 arm 1 ftr from Mos
    3 inf 1 ftr from Len

    R0: Conduct Combat

    Wru 1 opening-fire
    attacker (2 ftr)
    Rolls: 2@3; Total Hits: 02@3: (4, 6)

    Wru 1 main-round
    attacker (7 inf, 2 inf with support, 2 art, 1 arm, 2 arm with support)

  • Rolls: 7@1 2@2 2@2 1@3 2@4; Total Hits: 67@1: (2, 4, 1, 6, 3, 1, 6)2@2: (6, 4)2@2: (5, 2)1@3: (2)2@4: (4, 3)

  • defender allocates all 5 units for the 6 units

    defender (3 inf 1 art 1 arm)
    Rolls: 3@2 1@2 1@3; Total Hits: 33@2: (2, 5, 1)1@2: (4)1@3: (2)

  • attacker allocates 2 inf 1 art from Mos
    (arm go on non-inf units first)

    attacker retreats, back to where units came from
    leaving 1 inf from Mos behind

    R0: Non-combat Move
    2 ftr at Wru to Cau
    3 inf 1 arm from Arc to Len
    2 inf from Far to Bry
    2 inf from Yak to Bry
    2 inf from Eve to Yak
    2 inf from Nov to Yak
    2 inf from Kaz to Cau

    R0: Mobilize
    1 ftr 3 inf 1 arm @ Cau
    (Cau has a limit of 4 non-inf units and 4 inf units)

    R0: Develop Weapons


  • Axis Turn 1

    team members go at their own rate, but Conduct Combat is done together

    G1: Collect Income

    G1: Purchase
    6 inf = $18
    4 arm = $20

    G1: Combat Move

    ->z13: 1 bb
    bb from z14 (tp can’t be used as fodder)
    ss from z8

    ->Len: 6 inf 1 arm
    3 inf from Bel
    2 inf 1 arm 1 ftr from Eeu
    1 ftr from Blk
    1 ftr from Ukr

    J1: Collect Income

    J1: Purchase
    2 tp = $16
    1 dd = $10
    1 art = $4

    J1: Combat Move

    -> z35: 1 ftr 1 cv 1 dd 1 tp
    2 ftr 1 cv 1 bb from z37
    1 ftr from Fic

    -> Bry: 6 nf
    2 inf 1 ft from Man
    4 inf from Jpn via tp
    2 ftr from Jpn
    tp from z59 to z60

    -> Bry: SBR
    bmb from Jpn

    -> z52: 1 ftr 1 cv 1 ss
    bb from z60
    1 ftr 1 cv 1 dd from z50
    1 ss from z45

  • G1/J1: Conduct Combat

    team members cannot perform other phases until all members have completed Conduct Combat
    air missions are resolved first though

    but all air missions are resolved before normal combat, so SBR have to be resolved first

    Bry: SBR
    no guns, no defending air units so no aerial combat
    bmb rolls straight away and rolls a 3
    Bry’s income is reduced by 3 IPC but not below 0, so its income is 0 next turn

    now all normal combat are resolved, the order being attacker’s choice

    z13 1: opening-fire
    0 destroyers, 1 submarine = 1 submarine gets first strike
    rolls 1@2, gets 1 hit
    defender bb damaged

    z13 1: main-round
    both attacker and defender rolls 1@4, both get 1 hit
    defender bb destroyed
    attacker bb damaged (no technology, only dd hits can be allocated on ss)

    defender has no units left
    attacker choose to retreat back to z14
    (unlike land combat, attacker do not have to leave units after winning)

    Len 1: opening-fire
    attacker (3 ftr, no dogfight)
    rolls 3@3, gets 2 hits
    defender allocates 1 arm 1 inf
    (air unit hits are allocated on inf last)
    remove causalties

    Len 1: main-round
    attacker (5 inf, 1 arm with support)
    rolls 5@1 1@4, gets 2 hits
    defender allocates 2 inf

    defender (5 inf left)
    rolls 5@2, gets 2 hits
    attacker allocates 2 inf

    defender decides first, choose to retreat all 3 inf to Arc
    attacker then decides, choose to remain with all units

  • Bry (6 inf 2 ftr vs 6 inf)
    no hits in opening-fire
    then in main-round attacker gets 3 hits, defender gets 3 hits
    both lose 3 inf
    defender retreats to Yak
    attacker retreats to Bry, leaving 1 amphibious assault inf behind

    z35 (3 ftr 1 cv 1 bb vs 1 ftr 1 cv 1 dd 1 tp)
    attacker Anti-Air = 1(cv) + 2(bb) = 3 dice @ 1
    defender Anti-Air = 1(cv) + 1(dd) = 2 dice @ 1
    attacker gets 1 hit, defender gets 0 hits
    defender loses 1 ftr

    Air Units: defender has no air units left, no need to roll dogfight dice
    Naval Units:
    attacker (1 cv 1 bb), rolls 1@1 1@4
    gets 1 hit
    defender (1 cv 1 dd 1 tp), rolls 1@1 1@2 1@0
    gets 1 hit

    attacker bb damaged
    defender cv damaged (note hits must be allocated on transport last)

    defender retreats remaining cv + dd + tp to z36
    attacker remains but retreats 1 ftr (must retreat ftr excess to carrier capacity at end of combat cycle)

    z52 (1 ftr 1 cv 1 dd 1 bb 1 ss vs 1 ftr 1 cv 1 ss)
    note defender had the declare DAS during combat move to relocate the ftr at z52 or Haw if they wished)

    lets say no hits

    Submarine First Strike
    attacker ss gets first strike
    defender ss has no first strike due to dd
    attacker targets cv (subarmines can’t hit submarines nor air units)
    rolls 1@2, get 1 hit
    defender cv damaged

    Air Units (ftr vs ftr)
    attacker rolls 1@2 defender rolls 1@3
    lets both hit and destroyed

    Naval Units (1 bb 1 cv 1 dd vs 1 cv 1 ss)
    (attacker ss alerady fired in opening-fire)
    lets say attacking dd hit, defending ss hits

    attacker bb damaged
    defender allocates ss (to save the damaged cv, note only destroyer hits can be allocated on submarines, but destroyer hits can be allocated on other naval units too)

    defender retreats to z55
    attacker retreats to z45 (attacker can retreat to any sz from which at least one unit came from)

  • all combats now resolved
    team members now perform remaining game phases at the same time at their own rate

    J1: Non-combat Move
    1 ftr 1 bmb from Bry to Man
    1 ftr from Bry to Kwa
    ftr from z35 to Fic

    G1: Non-combat Move
    3 ftr from Len to Ukr
    all other ftr to Ukr
    2 inf 1 arm from Blk to Ukr
    2 arm from Ger to Ukr

    1 inf from Ger to Ukr via bmb (bmb may carry 1 inf in NCM)
    bmb from Ger to Ukr to Ger (Air Transport bmb, unlike transport, may continue movement after unload)
    1 inf from Ger to Weu

    inf and arm from Seu to Lib
    inf and art from Alg to Lib

    Allies: Reinforcement
    after all non-combat moves are declared, enemy may declare reinforcements
    units that did not combat this turn may relocate one space

    UK: tp + ss from z40 to z39
    UK: inf from Saf to Ken
    US: 2 inf from Sin to Chi
    US: 2 inf form Cus to Eus
    US: dd from z20 to z19
    J1: Mobilize
    2 tp 1 dd @ z60
    1 art @ Jpn

    G1: Mobilize
    3 inf @ Ukr
    2 inf @ Bel
    3 arm @ Ger
    1 inf 1 arm @ Seu

    G1: Develop Weapons

    J1: Develope Weapons


  • Thanks Tekkyy – this is helping.  Would like to see some CA and DAS if you can work it in.  Maybe some messy SBR out of UK -> France with ID & DAS FTRs scrambling for a massive air battle.

    The Paratroop was good, I’d forgotten about that when you have BMRs lying around.  So many new rules to remember.

    Appreciate the effort.

  • actually Air Missions are resolved before normal combat (like in OOB SBR is resolved before normal combat)
    and DAS doesn’t not defend against them
    so no big massive air battle in your example

    anyway I just noticed IL have a very different interpretation of air missions (SBR, CA, and GI) and find it fits in with normal combat and DAS
    I’ll wait til that is resolved before giving you example
    maybe we can work together and make it streamline

    (FYI I actually preferred LITE to be simple and not have to deal with air missions, but maybe it can be improved to be easier)

  • Interesting & touche’.  I’d not read the rules close enough.

    I had the impression that if UK decided to do a SBR into Western Europe with say 2 BOM and a 5 FTR escort that Germany could respond with whatever was in Western Europe and send additional DAS (n.b., 1 round only) from Germany and Southern Europe in an attempt to shoot it down before it performed SBR.

    I envisioned these huge air battles over the skies of Europe.

    So, the only thing that defends against SBR is the country’s ID and whatever air units it has there.

    Thanks for setting me straight.

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    Yes correct, on SBR you only consider the enemy planes that are actually in the territory… SBR represents bombing campaign, while DAS is modeling a longer campaign where planes are fighting over months in the sky over the battlefield until a decision is reached. SBR is a in/out attack…

  • @Bierwagen:

    Interesting & touche’.  I’d not read the rules close enough.

    oh, no I did not intend to have that tone…

    as for missing that bit, what made you miss it?
    maybe we can change the sentences a bit


    SBR is a in/out attack….

    yep all air missions are in/out style attacks
    DAS only lets defends against normal combat, which represents months of action

  • Nah, no tone taken or implied – I just didn’t remember the rules.  There are a lot of moving parts to remember and I’m an old OOB guy.  So, I’m on a steep learning curve.

    “Air missions are resolved before normal combats
    and DAS (Defensive Air Support) units do not defend
    against them…”

    Is pretty clear.  I just WANTED DAS to be able to scramble.  You know the old movies where the sirens go off and the guys go running to their airplanes.

    From a tactical/strategic standpoint, I was hoping it would make Germany pull back some units from the Russian front to deal with an air war and SBRs.

    Hoping to get to try it out again soon.  The more we play OTB the more questions we have and the more the rules sink in.

    Enjoy the day!

    • Bierwagen

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    Yea and post those pictures. I just like to see how your map came out and the pieces you use.

  • Greetings from sunny Las Vegas – where it’s a cool DRY 110 degrees in the shade… phew!

    I’ve been on the road a lot recently, but this time I got lucky and due to the duration of the trip I got to drive.  So, I threw all my freshly minted AARHE material and “The War Game” in the trunk and have set up shop.  Four of the folk from our monthly San Antonio gang are deployed here as well for two weeks.  So, as soon as they’ve run out of money on the “Strip” – we’re going to hunker down and grind out a few games.  Hope you all are available for more questions.

    I’m sure between the 4 of us we should have a cell phone with camera in it.  I’ve mostly modelled my custom set after IL pieces (see below) and have found all but the Japanese 1/72 figures.  So, I had to paint them from the “Out of Box” set.  The Americans are just coming off the painting assembly line – and the troops are looking quite spectacular set up on my version of ILs AARHE 4.0 hack job of 50" x 33" board (n.b., I didn’t print it on one sheet of banner paper but piecemealed it together).  Sadly, the dry heat of the desert here warped one of framing boards so that’ll have to be replaced.

    I ordered the CnC “Axis & Allies” armor special, and mounted some bombers like Satchel did for his folding table.  I really like that idea.  Along with the magnitized score board and mini flags.  I’m still trying to figure out how he managed to get the planes to stick on the magnets glued to the carrier decks – I haven’t solved that riddle yet.  Very clever.

    So, the next purchase will be custom artillery, airplanes, and fleets.  Anyone have any pointers for 1/600th decals?  I’ve dead ended.  Do you just make them yourself?

    Thanks to all for the rules, ideas, maps, Q&A sessions, and general passion for the game.  I’m enjoying the hell out of it again after a 17 year hiatus.

    Keep you posted, and will hopefully will get some picures uploaded before the first turn.

    Enjoy the day!

    • Bierwagen in Las Vegas

    ESCI 207 - British 8th Army
    ESCI 203 - Russian Soldiers
    Revell 02503 - US Infantry
    Airfix 01705 - German Infantry
    Airfix 01711 - Afrika Korps

    If anyone knows where I can find some quality Japanese – Airfix ones really stink – I’d be most appreciative.

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    I have done that same things as you. I have hundreds of useless 1/72 infantry to prove it.

    if your going the 1/72 road… toysoldierreview.com will have pictures of all these and i sugest you use these:

    Caesar - Chinese Army
    Caesar - German Panzergrenadiers 1
    Caesar - German Panzergrenadiers 2
    Caesar - German Infantry
    Caesar - German Panzer Infantry

    I have all these and they were chosen because they don’t fall over in play because in every case the base is larger to give the piece stability.

    for Artillery and all the rest you will have to carefully make a list and shop www.stytrex.com. If you email them and ask them nicely you can find out how much you need to order to get free shipping. I have placed 4 orders and each time got it after i asked.

    If you need help let me know. I have made many mistakes and have only experience by trial and error to guide me to better decisions.

    If you wanted to do it right you get one pack each from old glory miniatures at $13.00 each for (50) units and buy a specific round washer found easily at hardware store and glue the base on and paint. It will really kick ass, but you invest 13x5 which is $65 bucks for infantry only… it can be a pricey road, but these pieces will form a universal set for all your games.

  • @Imperious:

    I have all these and they were chosen because they don’t fall over in play because in every case the base is larger to give the piece stability.

    Yeah, this is a problem.  I was already thinking of putting them all on a common base.  Maybe some of those counters from EAI Education and then use ground covering of each country to make them distinguishable from each other.  I tried to paint mine with realistic WWII uniforms, which tend to blend together a bit on the board.  So, colored bases might due the trick.

    for Artillery and all the rest you will have to carefully make a list and shop www.stytrex.com. If you email them and ask them nicely you can find out how much you need to order to get free shipping. I have placed 4 orders and each time got it after i asked.

    Thanks.  Great insight.  They will be my next stop.

    If you wanted to do it right you get one pack each from old glory miniatures at $13.00 each for (50) units and buy a specific round washer found easily at hardware store and glue the base on and paint. It will really kick a**, but you invest 13x5 which is $65 bucks for infantry only… it can be a pricey road, but these pieces will form a universal set for all your games.

    WoW!  Wish I had found this prior to investing in Revell, ESCI, and Airfix.  I love the metal figures – they will indeed kick butt!  The plastic sets are $11+ each, so for a few extra bucks would be well spent.  Though isn’t 15mm a bit too small?  I thought 1/72 = 25mm+.  Sadly, the 25mm ones don’t come 50 to a pack.

    O.k. so next I’ll attempt to post a few photos – the cell phone only went so far but came out pretty well.  You can see on the close ups how I overlapped the sheets to create the map.  Then I glued it to the hardboard and finally covered it all in clear contact paper.  This is the poor mans version of “how to make a nice custom board”.

    Enjoy the day!

    • Bierwagen

  • A bit grainy.  Apparently I can only post 1 picture < 256K so I’ll try to get ther other 5 up.

    • Bierwagen


  • A good look over the shoulder as Germany gears up for war.  I tried to do the detailing on German armor (e.g., mud on the flaps and rusted exhaust) but decided it wasn’ worth the effort.  I realize now I was smoking crack or something when I painted the German army.  They had green tops and grey pants… this must be the division they raised out of Poland 😉

    • Bierwagen


  • A nice view out of Africa with Afrika Korp vs. 8th Army.  You can see the bombers on the stands – a nice touch thanks to Satchel.  I’m thinking to mount the airplanes as well on a slightly lower stand.

    Super easy, but I’m having some difficulty keeping them glued to the nail heads.  Time to switch to epoxy.

    • Bierwagen


  • High level shot to show the size and framing.  It came out a bit smaller than I’d hoped because of the overlap scheme used in MS Publisher – but the sweet thing is that it fits in the back of my Toyota Corolla with the seat down.

    • Bierwagen


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