• Here are some general principals to be applied to ALL countries;

    1. Have an obtainable goal in mind, and take steps to move towards achieving that goal. (Important: Do Not try to do too much all at once!)
    2. Have the Foresight. Look at least two turns down the road…maybe three…anymore than that and situations change too much. Apply this to your goal.
    3. Be flexible. Be able to change and adapt your plan as obsticles or altercations arise.
    4. Try and have a plan that doesn’t consist of too many “IF’s”. (example: I will attack him IF my ally helps here, and IF I’m able to take those transports out, and IF I roll more than one 1, and IF the enemy doesn’t go here, but only IF I can get more men there in two turns.) Too many “IF’s” means theres more chances that your plan will not work the way you want it.
    5. Only admit defeat when no ones looking.

    With these basic concepts in place, you should be able to apply this to your own strategies and have fun! Let me know what you think?

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  • i never start a game with a goal in mind, offcourse my aim is destroying the opponent, but i never decide how before i start. I just wait and concentrate my forces on a central point from which they can do damage to several territories. Then wait what happens and attack when chances are good for a major victory.

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    5) Only admit defeat when no ones looking.

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    So true…

  • Goals are very good to have…I hear what your saying Greensleeves, but with a goal, your always working towards a certain success, not just expanding like wildfire (which is also a good thing).
    For example, if Germany wanted all of Africa, that would be a goal. Now what do you need to do as Germany to accomplish that goal? Simply amounting troops next or near to Africa may not leave or set you up in a favourable position.

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    I also find it quite effective to try to be as deceptive as possible.
    For example I was playing a game last month where I (US) had landed a large force of troops in Algeria. The Japanese had built a complex in South Africa. When I saw that Karelia was weak instead of landing troops to increase their defense I made it appear as though I was going after the complex while I built an invasion fleet in Algeria by “damn I forgot to move those Infantry” and “oops I left my transports there”. I also happened to have a large Air force in the UK.
    So when the Germans went in to Karelia I countered and destroyed all the German Armor that was massed to take Russia.

  • YES! I must of forgotten all about deception. Another good point!

  • “damn I forgot to move those Infantry” “oops I left my transports there”.

    I do that almost every game. Once, I even did it with Germany and took the Us on turn 3!

  • Very good. I would like to add a few more.

    Similar to the “don’t try and do too much” advice (very good advice at that), is not to spread your self out too thin. You can not possibly protect all of your territories, otherwise your opponent will pick your scattered forces off one at a time. You have to know when to conceed territries temporarily and not to leave yourself vulnerable protecting every inconsequential territory and therefor leaving yourself thin and vulnerable. You must stay focused and not get distracted.

    Always, always remember -it is far more desireable to do fewer things very well than to do many things half hearted.

    You do not just want to win every battle you engage in, you want to dominate every battle. The fewer rounds it takes you to kill your opponent, the fewer rounds he will get to defend, hence the less casulties you will suffer. I am VERY stingy with my pieces -I avoid suffering casulties by engaging in battles where I only have a slight advantage if at all possible -especially more the valuable ones such as fighters.

    Do not leave valued pieces, such as fighters unprotected. In a heated war it is very difficult to replace the more expensive pieces, so you REALLY want to avoid leaving them vulnerable or else you are going to lose them and will probably not be able to replace them any time soon.

    Also, treat your team like a single country working towards a single goal rather than as separate countries all doing their own thing. Your strategies should be coordinated and you must work together.

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  • Exactly! Well put Xeno! I like the “stick together” approach. That is really the ONLY way any side will win against skilled players. The whole game is based upon teamwork…WW II wasn’t won because of just one country.

  • Xeno, you said that you don’t like to risk expensive pieces, and I try to do the same thing. But when you play Japan…What do you do to the American Hawaii fleet?
    Also, if you are American and have lost your fleet at Pearl, In what way do you counterattack?
    Just wondering, oh and lastly, how do you deal with most naval battles in general (because they are expensive)

  • Risking the Japan in Hawaii is wanted attention. Americans attack it = Good. Americans don’t attack = Also good. I prefer as japan for the Americans to attack me.

    Edit - When playing America I evac the fleet. I don’t attack. I put my fighters on a British carrier.

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  • I don’t play america much, so I’m not exactly sure, …but what is left after Pearl Harbor will be 2 Battleships, an AC (maybe, if it went into battle), and a transport or two.
    The americans will have a Battleship, transport (as fodder), maybe a sub(if it fled, hey that might be a good idea…), a bomber and a fighter (maybe two, I forget how many are in W US) to attack with. They rsk much less than you (money)in this, but have fairly good odds.
    Also, do you invade Hawaii?

  • Odds are, your going to get only 1-2 hits for the allies in the Pearl Harbor attack. Why? Because with 2 BB 1 AC 2 frt 1 BMR attacking, you almost always will kill off all Americans. The BB + AC + Sub get 1.5 hits each round. So, I take out the bomber and a fighter with 2 hits.

  • On 2001-12-20 16:17, Usul513 wrote:
    Xeno, you said that you don’t like to risk expensive pieces, and I try to do the same thing. But when you play Japan…What do you do to the American Hawaii fleet?
    Also, if you are American and have lost your fleet at Pearl, In what way do you counterattack?
    Just wondering, oh and lastly, how do you deal with most naval battles in general (because they are expensive)

    When I play Japan I throw everything I can at the American fleet in Hawii -it is usually a slaughter so I suffer few losses.

    When I play the US, I go after Germany (unless I am just looking to have some fun), so the loss of my Western Navy is not usually a big deal.

  • One more point I’d like to put in.
    Don’t get hung up on History." Just because there was a real battle at Midway doesn’t mean you need one.

  • I don’t know that much from the US perspective, but I do play Japan occasionally, so…
    If you are US and your ships survive-what do you do with them in the atlantic, why not sacrifice your navy to destroy Japan’s-they need thier navy more, and do you still put IC in Sinkiang?
    also, you never answered, Yanni, if you are Japanese, do you take Hawaii?

    disclaimer: I am not experienced as the US, so if you use a US strategy of mine and lose, its your own fault.

  • IF your US fleet survives….main word there is “IF”…most of the time (9 out of 10), the US fleet will be abolished at Hawaii if attacked…BUT, if they do survive, then counter-attack with air support.
    note: Japan would need extreme bad luck to lose at Hawaii.

  • I meant, if Japan didn’t attack, then what does US do with ships?

  • If Japan doesn’t attack the US fleet at Hawaii, the US should move their fleet thru the Panama into the Atlantic to assist in the over powering of Germany…OR, for a twist, the US could plan a landing in the Soviet Far East or Japan, and at the sametime have the fleet aproach from India to draw Japan’s navy away from home.

  • Exactly, if Japan didnt attack, Britain doesn’t need to build an AC to protect allied transports.

  • Yanny, during the normal 1st turn attack, do you take HAwaii.
    Why or why not?

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