• Anyone know where I can get a PC version of the game?  i used to have the original on a cd but I lost it in a move… I would really love to play on computer as well as the board game… any help?  (byw, i am talking about the real game, all I could find searching is this $5 game that is NOT the real game)

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    TripleA.org should have a downloadable game.

    Or, if you want, I am selling my Axis and Allies, Axis and Allies: Iron Blitz and Axis and Allies Real Time Strategy Games.  Maybe even my World at War or whatever that spin off game was.

  • The latest Triplea download can be found here:


    You will need a recent version of java to run it. One of the downloads includes a java installer if you need it.

    The Triplea forum is:



  • thanks, but I’m not looking for the triple A.  I mean the actual pc version of the new revised Axis & Allies board game…  just like there was an actual CD game of the original 10 years ago… does this exist?

  • Damn.  I was really hoping they had that… Hopefully they will develop one.  Anyway, thanks Craig, i’ll check that out.

  • The TripleA is a cool game, but it’s a shame that the AI is sooo lame. It really is to easy.
    However, it’s great that they included a lot of versions, and a few new ones(at least to me). The Great War scenario looks nice 😄

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