Carrier and Fighter Casualties

  • Hello, I am new to the forum here.  Had a quick question for the Gurus.

    When assigning casualties in a naval fight is a player prevented from killing a carrier if he has active fighters in the air?  The reason being is if the fighters survive, they cannot land and therefore destroyed.  How does this work?


  • As far as I’m aware you’re not prevented from sinking a carrier whilst having it’s fighters airborne.

    If you are defending and sink the AC then your fighters are permitted to withdraw one space to a friendly territory or another AC.

    If you are the attacker, then the fighter must land somewhere friendly within it’s normal movement allowance.

    In both these instances, if no friendly landing place is available then the fighter will be lost.

  • “If you are defending and sink the AC then your fighters are permitted to withdraw one space to a friendly territory”

    Where is this rule located?  I could not find it in the LHTR, FAQ, or official rules.  Is this the only time a Defender gets to retreat (in a word move 1 space) any units?

  • It is not actually a withdraw.  The defender cannot end the battle by moving the FIGs out.

    The rule is that, if at the conclusion of a battle, if there are surviving defending FIGs left, but no AC for them to land on, the FIGs may move ONE space to find a legal landing zone.

    This rule is found in LHTR Appendix 1, the detailed description of individual units, under the description of Fighters.  It is the second paragraph of that section in LHTR 1.3

  • As Switch points out I was not explicit enough in my explanation, sorry.

    In addition, in the Revised Edition rules it’s located in the fighter unit profile.

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    the funny thing is, I play with a house rule that those fighters without a carrier after defending successfully, get to move up to their maximum range to land, however, each move they take reduces the movement they get on the next turn.

    So if it took 4 movement places to land safely, your fighter would be grounded during your next turn.  After all, the box comes with movement counters, not like it’s hard to use them. wink

    (Yea, it shoulda been in house rules, but it’s germane to the thread and the thread is here.)

  • Thanks guys, found it in the LHTR with your help!

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