Enhanced Rules National Advantages- your thoughts please

  • I’ve played half a dozen Enhanced rules games and obviously the national advantages set up the nature of the game. Assuming you are not trying to make things difficult the following seem to be the best choices, but I’d be interested to know if there are any glaring omissions

    No brainers

    Japan- Banzai
    Russia- Siberian Conscripts
    UK- Commonwealth
    US Reinforced Carriers

    Barely brainers
    US- Pacific troops

    Perfectly acceptable
    Germany- 88s, Wolfpack, Afrika Korps, Divebombers
    Japan- Tech advantage, Yamamoto, Kaiten, Kamikaze

    Pointless given better and more flexible alternatives
    All the rest

    (I think Panzerblitz may allow clever manouvres but I haven’t yet worked them out)


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    wrong section to post these . put them in house rules. This forum is only for the OOB game.

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