• I am right now creating a map to “pact of steel”, and are planning to add the national advantages from LHTR.
    The only Question is what about the italians ?
    Any good suggestions ?
    Please give some hints and it would bee cool if it can relate to the reel history

    kind regards niels

  • Interesting. I have a Pact of Steel map about 65% done, if you’re interested. It uses the TripleA map with the original board game colors. The graphics missing are territory names, IPC values, victory cities and so on. I haven’t worked at it for a while because I rarely play board nowadays.

    Check the Axis and Allies Revised Historical Edition (AARHE) on the House Rules section. I think that there’s a variant there to use Italy with its respective NAs.

  • In fact I have just completed the map…. what a timekiller!
    Now I am about to make some kind of referencecard to the setup
    Next step is to make italian markers and paint pieces in the right color
    Of course also a new scoreboard

  • Could you post an image of it somewhere? I’m curious about how it looks.

  • I am not good at computers

    Mayby I could mail it and you could maybe post it if any other are interested

    kind regards

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    please post your efforts in the varient game section and use Mediafire.com to upload any size file. Then we can comment and give input. Also, have a look at AARHE and also 1939 AARHE

  • I give you a + you give me a +

  • @forzaniller:

    Mayby I could mail it and you could maybe post it if any other are interested

    Have you seen my PM with my email address? If not you can see the address below my avatar. Thanks

    PS - To the moderators: could you please move this thread to its relevant subforum? Thanks.

  • I gave sent it to you now Hobbes

    by the way we played to game where italy have the national advantages of Germany, and atlantic wall+fortress europe was in both blue and grey territories.
    1 victory for each and it seemes to me that the game is well balanced and gives severel more strategic options than the original game - so thanks to the guys who made pact of steel to the triple a and larry harris for his updated advantages.

    by the way i am trying to use the uploading link and in the future i will think more about where i should post.

    kind regards

  • http://www.mediafire.com/?thhd1ny0kfn

    dont know if it works. notify all the small details i have added to the map


  • Nice work. The details (Train, Art, Oil, etc. for the NAs) look nice but I think having a city for each territory is a bit too much. On the revised board game the red squares indicate victory cities (without the need to have the V symbols).

    Here’s my own map:


    I chose to keep it as close to the board game as possible regarding colors and borders. I chose grey for Italy because I will be using the German pieces from Classic to represent the Italians. There’s still a lot of work to be done, namely placing the IPC values, territory names, etc.

  • Here’s my two cents for Italian NA’s.

    Unexpected Tactics: Despite bad politics, leaders and equipments, Italian Army sometimes was surprising their enemies by their fighting will, so they caused unexpected casualties to their attackers. In any combat involving defending Italian Infantries, ONE Italian Infantry can defend on a 4 (or less) for the entire combat. This NA can be used ONLY ONCE between two Italian game turns… For example, Italy ends her first turn, and then some Italian troops are attacked by UK: ONE Infantry can defend on a 4 (or less) for this combat, but if others Italian troops are under attack before the second Italian turn they cannot use this NA.

    SLC commandoes: The most important success of Italian forces during WW2 was the sinking of UK Battleships “Queen Elizabeth” and “Valiant”, made by Italian frog-men in the port of Alexandria, Egypt. ONCE per turn, Italy can make a free single attack against an enemy naval unit in the Mediterranean. This attack has a value of 2 (or less). If this attack is a success, then the Italian player choose wich enemy unit is hit. This is a link to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_torpedo

    Greetings from Italia… 😉

  • Interesting ideas.

    thanks to Sergente_nella_neve

    kind regards

  • @Craig:

    If you are going to break the Balkans up into that many territories, why wouldn’t you then go back and break up places like France and Scandinavia?  Just wondered what your thought process was.

    Also, you added an extra SZ in the Med.  Is this on purpose or just a mistake?

    Good work!


    I now see that the other map has these changes too.  Also I see that China has another territory.  Are these changes that have been made on the original PoS map?

    Both mine and forzaniller’s map replicate the original PoS used on TripleA.

    I wasn’t involved on the original PoS design but I’ve played it dozens of times and China was divided mainly to slow down J’s advance on that axis. It also makes a Sinkiang IC more defendable.
    The additional SZ in the med is to help defend the Italian fleet. Allied Bombers flying from the UK now need to land on Gibraltar if they want to strike SZ14 and it is impossible for Allied Fighters on the Caucasus to hit SZ14. So the allies really need to commit to the Med/Africa if they want to sink the Italian Navy (instead of just using aircraft)
    Finally, I think the breakdown of Balkans into 3 territories was to boost Italy’s starting IPC without having a territory with a large IPC value (with 5 or 6), while allowing G to build naval units on the Med.

    BlackElk (the original PoS main designer) has started a http://tripleadev.org/index.php?showtopic=1507 on the TripleA forums for a new version of PoS that adds a lot of territories, splitting up Scandinavia and so on. I think it just complicates the game a bit.

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