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    Recently I saw some Player Aid/Reference Charts made by Imperious Leader.

    First of all the picture background are absolutely works of art.  Very nice indeed.

    What intrigued me was the Order of Play.  The normal standard Order of Play is

    1. USSR
    2. Germany
    3. UK
    4. Japan
    5. USA

    The one on IL’s Players Aid is

    1. USSR (Turn one only)
    2. Germany & Japan
    3. USSR, UK & US.

    For those of you who have played with the latter.  What advantages & disadvantages with this order of play.  Also, how dramatically does it change the game?  Does it affect balance of play?

    The most obvious one I see is that it can be more historically accurate by allowing the allies to do combined assaults.  However, I see this as more beneficial to the Allies than the Axis.

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