Hide from him. Fast. Because your mental sanity is at risk

  • http://es.sso.dada.net/mobi/specialoffer_es84.html

    Ugh… I thought I was safe of this guy in an USA forum… but no… I saw him in the forum (at the right, in the place where usually is a russian girl) and I fear he reached even you  😢 I hope this is only for we spaniards who are in the forum and I’m the only seeing him …

    This guy, Rodolfo Chikilikuatre, goes for Spain in the Eurovision song contest  😛 This is the scariest piece of crap we presented for Spain in the very existence of the contest (not a good contest anyway but…  😛 ). The scariest thing is he has BIG chance of winning  😢 Boy, from late May, I’ll be from Argentina … wait … he’s from Argentina … OK, I’ll pick Andorra  😄

    Seriously, this guy don’t represent us Spaniards… and surely not me  😛

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