• An interesting scenario that I’d enjoy some feedback on if it’s out there…

    I’ve been teaching a friend to play the game recently, and I’ve spent a lot of time as the Axis (because I think, and I think everyone thinks, that’s it’s a lot harder to win as Axis then Allies). Thus far, I successfully managed to go 16-1 (I stupidly forgot to buy on Germany’s first turn and couldn’t buy myself enough time to recover; still angry about that). As I’ve played, I’ve really concentrated on trying to lure each of the Allies into what I consider ill-fated attacks. Trying to lure the U.S. to develop a Pacific fleet, getting the UK to try and develop India, etc. I know I’m playing a beginner, and I’m probably getting away with a few things in this tactic, but has anyone found some truly ingenious feints? Ones that your opponent always falls into, that doesn’t slow down an Axis offensive too much? What are the great boondoggles of the game that it’s possible to get the Allies to commit too many resources to resolve? Thanks.

  • Ha, I enjoyed read your post. However a good player mustn’t use tricks to win 😉 However, there have been some times where I have able to make the Allies fall hook line an sinker. What you should do is maybe send two transports from Japan and take Hawaii over. This is when you make the US “think” you’re trying to invade. Then when they start shifting men to Western USA, instead land in Alaska or New Zealand! What your doing is keeping the US from interfering too much with Germany, while making a couple of bucks. 😉 One time I used this move by taking Alaska, and the US was “certain” I was trying to take USA. That’s when he tranfers all his forces to Alaska (to ward off any counterattacks he thinks :P), placing his inf and ARM out of action and allowing Germany to hold Africa for several more turns. Good times. 😎

  • Interesting idea with the Pacific theatre. That’s probably the easiest way to lure the U.S. into a delay tactic. Probably still requires taking out Pearl Harbor first.

    And, yeah, I know, I’m a pretty strict player. I play ONLY the odds on rolls (something my opponent hasn’t quite got the patience for yet; I’ve broken his thrusts at Eastern Europe and Germany countless times this way) and all. I just think there must be a way to position units so that the true intentions are hidden from the Allies, and he must respond. In general, I think this is the key for the Axis… having units (armor!) in position to shift anywhere across Asia, threatening everything at once… but wondering if there were other places that anyone could think of.

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