• What would you say is the most effecient/cost-effective way to simultaneously defend West and South Europe?

    I’ve been trying building 1 fighter each round to sink allied ships but it seems pretty expensive to me. Is that the correct strategy, just not applied correctly?

    Or should I be stacking WEU with infantry and a fighter or two?

    Another option could be stacking GER and counter-attacking any landings with air support from EEU but that could eat a lot of infantry.

    What are your preferred and successful strategies for defending the Atlantic and Med coasts?

  • Large stacks of Infantry, backed up by at least 1 anchor unit (ARM or FIGs) is the most cost effective means of defense.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I’d say fighters are a better anchor since they have a longer distance they can travel and they have to retreat from battle even if you win (meaning you won’t accidentally lock your fighters away leaving your flanks without anchors.)

    BTW, don’t forget that Japanese fighters can supplement your defense as well.

  • Not to mention that fighters prevent the UK/US player from isolating transports.

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    How come people who are guests can post here? That can lead to serious spamming of the site…

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    ok so they just sign up and dump off a post and back out?

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    The Best German Defense:

    Iron Crosses over Washington DC

  • Get a grip people !  :x

    Best German defense is to be agressive and attack and keep the initiative.

    G1, buy 4 inf, 2 art, 4 tanks and always keep buing this mix until you reach Moscow

    G1 CM kill UK BB and DD, get Egypt and occupie as many russian territories as possibe with inf/tanks

    G1 NCM land 4 fighters in France and 2 ftr 1 bomber in Libya and prevent allied navy to anchor in Algeria. Then move Baltic navy to block any amphib trys from allied navys, and empty France and Norway.

    G2 to G5 keep marching east to Moscow, and let two tanks secure income from Africa

    Now this is the Norwegian take, the yankees may try to master bait you, sonny

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I still say the best German Defense is a Nazi Parade into the White House.  Perhaps a rising sun over LA too.

  • I have found that in my first few rounds playing germany, I was much to aggressive.  Usually I get so burned out pounding Russia, that by the time that I am in striking distance or moscow i am unable to fend off US/UK assaults into WE, SE etc.  I agree with the previous posts that suggest a solid INF and FIG anchor.  Since you always have the advantage on the defensive, let Russia burn its self out on a what it think is a conservative germany, meanwhile you destroy/delay the US/UK shucks with a combine german fleet on SZ 12, with a FIG stack in WE.  Russia will be so tickled pink to get those extra 3-5 IPCs that it my become overly aggressive.  Whenever an ally sticks a vulnerable army out, you will be in position to lop it off.  All the while Japan weakens Russia, and moves in for the kill.  Of course this only works in a KGF came.  If Japan gets tied down Germany is living on borrowed time.

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