Basic Allied shipping options–Baltic vs. Barents?

  • @ncscswitch:

    Thus the Graf Zeppelin is a German DEFENSIVE move.

    :? :?

  • And as in KGF Germany has to hold out (defend) while Japan developes it is a good buy?
    I´m for this AC because I donnot see it as defensive only:
    The offensive benefit of the AC is that it increases your fighter´s range. You may bring up to 4 of them into range- shuffling them. And this is the support you need to offer a real threat to early allied action. You will want to burn the for now superior baltic fleet to sink the allied ones. 4 fighters and a bomber have a pretty punch.
    T1 UK has no other choice than landing in Algeria with the US or wait.
    On G2 the baltic fleet could  be moved to SZ 6 to threaten every SZ around Britain and
    the algerian cost as well as the norwegian.

  • I have attached a map of pickup and drop zones in the North Atlantic from a US perspective.  You have to remember that if your Eastern fleet is dropping into Archangel or Karelia from Z04 then you can’t get to the Baltic in one move.  You are stuck with going to Norway or WEU for a turn before moving to the Baltic.

    The Baltic is generally preferable, though not always possible.

    BTW - This is from Caspian Sub’s paper on US shipping (Paper #2).



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