Looking for the P-38 Lightning

  • Title says it all!


  • Mot

    I’ve got one I could trade.  I’m looking for Canadian, Aussie and British gear in exchange.  No swimming Shermans and no artillery.


  • You dont collect the big stuff right?

  • Mot,

    I’m not really concerned either way. If you have larger scaled vehicles that you’re not hooked on, we could do something with those.

    I’m currently building up for a 1000 point game, Canadians verses Germans outside of Ortona Italy.  So I’m collecting commonwealth pieces and German pieces.

    I need to take a photo of the 3D hex map I’ve built for the game.  I also still owe this forum photos of my 3D buildings for gaming.  I’m such a technophobe and I live on dial up so I’m slow about that stuff.

    Send me a personal email.

  • '19 Moderator

    Make with the pics man!  😉

  • Sorry for the fall-off in comms.  Life gets busy sometimes!

    It would help me if you post a list of what you are looking for.  The Canadians dont exactly have a ton of units to choose from (five I think).  The Australians only have three!  That leaves the British I guess.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    I have a P-38 for trade. The class I’ve been taking ends tomorrow so I’ll try to see what I need this weekend.

  • Mot,

    I’m interested in Canadian Riflemen, eagle eyed NCOs, British inspiring Lieutenants, Brit rifles, Gurkas, Aussie rifles.

    A small handfull of any of these is worth a plane.  I’m not picky. You get the plane and you decide whats fair in exchange.

    Send me an address.


  • How many infantry do you want for the exchnage?  I’ll try to give you some of each type I have.  I should have extras of  Canadian Riflemen, EE NCO, Insp Lt, and SMLEs.  I probably have extra Brens as well.  I probably have less of the Gurkas, and Aussie Vet SMLEs but I’d have to check.  I may have some extras of the new NA Australian troops.

  • Mot,

    Any of that mix will do.  Just send what you think is fair to

    Ross Cossar
    #922 12th Line Dummer Twp
    RR#2 Norwood
    ON Canada K0L 2V0

    give me an address

  • FYI, the search/sorting is not going well for me.  My rares are sorted into plano bins, but the rest are is a state of disarray…if you find a better home for your Lightning in the meantime, that’s ceratinly understandable.

  • No issues! No hurry!

  • FYI, I need to wirthdraw my trade request

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