• Sorry,  Couldn’t find this answer anywhere.

    I just got my first aircraft, and the rules leave me guessing.

    So……  I deploy my aircraft in flight phase, attack in attack phase, and apply casualties.

    What do I do in turn 2?  Turn 3?  Do I get to re-deploy anywhere valid as in my first flight phase? (Assuming I wasn’t destroyed or disrupted).

    BTW, I play with my 7 year old, and so far he is undefeated after 8 skirmishes…  little !#$%*!!    😛

  • You deploy in the “Flight” phase and the do aircraft attack in the “Airstrike” phase.  You pull the aircraft off the board at the end of the turn.  You can redploy him next turn unless he’s disrupted or destroyed.

  • Thanks!  That’s what it seemed like, it just doesn’t say so explicitly.

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