Any v1 mini collectors looking to do a NA swap?

  • Since most of the units in North Africa are usable by players sticking to the smaller scale, I was curious if any of you have (or have considerd) picking up a a NA case or boosters and would like to trade the larger vehicles (there are smaller ones you should keep though) for some Set I thru 5 units?  If this is you, let me know!

  • My local store seems uninterested in the whole game.  They still have some boxes of Base set, eastern front and contested skies.  (10-15 of each) and don’t carry starter packs etc.  They have not brought in NA at all.

    I recently bought out another stores final 8 boxes of eastern front at cost and if I had any money I would do the same with all of the above.

    Does the NA set really have vehicles that are not properly sized to the new scheme?

  • You mean, does NA have units thta look OK with sets 1 through 5?

    Well, all the infantry (the US and Russians finally get an MG), all the artillery (and there is a LOT of new cool artilley) and all of the planes are fine.  As for vehicles, it’ll be a minority so you’d want to trade away most.

    I think most if not all of the arnoured cars would be OK.  The Italian Autoblinda is a great unit stats-wise.  The Germans get a Jeep (the Kublewagon) that would be OK.  Same for the Motorcycle half-track.  I think even some of the assualt guns (like the Wespe) would be acceptable, as I recall the sIG was pretty big to start with.

    I haven’t laid them all side-by-side, but I’ll se what I can do and maybe take a picture or something.


  • Mot,

    Just to clarify, you want to keep vehicles from sets 1-5.

    Are there ones from NA that you don’t want and would like older pieces instead?  I’ve got lots so ask if I’ve got what you want.


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