Can we talk about the tibet thing?

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    will this get bigger and out of control.  man the chinese are bad in my opinion anyways.  what amazes me is the china defenders.  i just dont understand them.

    i hope this tarnishes their damn olympics, good riddance to bad rubbish.

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    Freedom in Iraq: Done (still violence there, but they are free.)
    Freedom in Afghanistan: Done (still violence there, but they are free.)

    How’s that Freedom in Tibet thing going?

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    they gave up after some newyorktimes folks and their ilk realized that their great communist ideal of no freedom and rule by a party elite was still intact and growing.  they started to cover for the regime and give it a new respectablity.  others want the evil that is china to somehow stick it to america.  these type of people would be happy to see millions die if america somehow loses face or esteem.

    its a dang shame that china isn’t called out more often for its 99% conviction rate, using citizens to spy on each other calling them “neigborhood monitors” (and these people are just as brainwashed as the north koreans which is chilling), the police finding the hiding mother and dragging her kicking and screaming to go get a forced abortion, and arresting any family member that tries to stop them, for going to other nations and forcibly making them come into the nation of china(tibet and soon nepal), treating their citizens like common trash to not be worried about, antagonizing their neighbors(japan, vietnam, s.korea, taiwan, tibet, nepal, and india), supporting the worst regime in the world in north korea, forcing millions all the time to move from ancestoral homes,–-----just so much bad from that nation its sick.

    and the world press makes it easier for everyone that is a terrible gov’t  to say “well, what about america”.  that shit has hurt us soooo bad around the world that every dictator can use that as an excuse.

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    Honestly, I don’t care if the Chinese go on a murdering rampage killing their citizens because it’s Tuesday.

    When I have America fixed and every American enjoys the pax romana I desire for them, then I’ll worry about piddly little back water nations like China.

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    i guess you have a point, but its immoral.

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    I see real similarities of Tibet issue and the issue of 1936 Hitler Olympic games where all the talk was about how the jews were being treated and how the Reich was saying everybody was being treated fairly. I predict China winning most of the medals ( due to illegal drugs ) and a big propaganda coup for the rising superpower. I predict trace elements of lead metal in something yet to be discovered, and i predict China going to war with somebody just to flex her muscles.

  • The nations that does not fight for it’s own freedom does not deserve it.

    And China isn’t really communist anyways. They are more like a capitalist police state, something that communist nations can easily turn into when they learn that their idealism is nonsense.

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