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    Oops, forgot to allow 4 votes per person and I can’t change it. Any way to fix this or should I start a new one?

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  • Tokyo Express would actually be worthwhile IF it included DST Bombard when no other attacking units were present (DST carried INF only, otherwise no DST bombard)

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    If you have combined arms, then the destroyer CAN perform it’s bombardment even if it is landing troops, Switch.  Obviously it’s got the same restrictions as Battleship bombardments (sea zone had to be unoccupied by enemy vessels and you have to be landing a unit into enemy controlled land from the same sea zone you are bombarding from.)

  • I am aware of that.  But I am talking about a way to make Tokyo Express something other than worthless.

    It should be modified to allow a DST Bombard when the only troops attacking are DST offloaded INF (like Banzai only work with INF only attacks).

    • TRNs offloading also, no DST Bombard

    • Aircraft also attacking, no DST Bombard

    • BB firing a suport shot, no DST Bombard

    • Naval battle before the landing, no DST Bombard

    If you automatically got the RESTRICTED Bombard with Tokyo Express, then it might be worth having.

    You would still need the Combined Arms tech in order to use a DST Bombard with mixed forces.

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    I’ve won a couple of times because America forgets that my destroyers can carry troops.  They also come in handy dealing with American aggression in the Pacific because they act like transports and they fight like destroyers.

    Honestly, of the NAs, Tokyo Express isn’t that bad.  Dug-in defenders suck (because it doesn’t apply to Japan or on mainland territories).  But Night-Fighting, Tokyo Express, Banzai and MPBs are pretty good.  Kamikazees and Kaitens (depending on version of LHTR to determine if you have them available) are lame, IMHO.  You lose them if they hit or dont hit, they cost the same as normal fighters/submarines and may not even kill the target.

  • Dug in defenders doesn’t apply to Japan?  😮

    I’m screwed.  😐 This is what I get for letting my newbie brother play Allies with all the OOB NAs and I went kind of easy on him.

    Heck that’s why I thought dug in defenders were actually good. What the heck are they for then?  😛

  • This poll is about LHTR 2.0 not OOB.

  • @Ranor:

    This poll is about LHTR 2.0 not OOB.

    My question still stands. What good are dug in defenders if they do not defend Japan? You would have to put a significant number on an island to be any good, otherwise naval bombardment will likely take them out. If Japan had the resources to try and take back an island like Borneo and install a bunch of infantry there, then the odds are they’re going to win anyway.

    As Germany I’d probably take Wolfpacks and U-boat interdiction.  They can turn out to be real useful.  U-boat interdiction because the UK and US player get really annoyed with it, and tend to spend a lot of resources trying to take them out. While wolfpack gives them some real offensive punch which makes the Allies slower to bring their fleet close enough to attack.

  • I’m confused, does Dive Bombers give German fighters a pre-combat attack where they hit on 5s, or is it they hit on 5s during the first round of combat? It looks like the latter, but then I don’t know why everyone likes them so much. Panzerblitz is so much better: You can just use your tank stack to trade territory while fighters could pick up targets of opportunity and hold WEu.

  • I have only played one game with NA’s and the Germand U-Boat interdiction was nice.

    I would imagine that The Luftwaffe Dive Bomber would be pretty sweet.

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    Dive Bombers allow German Fighters to attack on Round 1 at 5 or less.  However it ONLY applies to land battles and ONLY if no defending fighters are present.

    Dug-In Defenders for Japan allow infantry defending on islands (as defined as a land mass completely circumscribed by ONE sea zone) to defend at 3 or less on round 1.

    Australia, Japan, Madagascar, Greenland, etc are NOT considered islands because they have more then one sea zone.

    This was answered when America had Island Bases and these were determined not to be islands because it would allow fighters to extend their range artificially more so then just the island base. (You could fly into a sea zone, over the island free and be in the next sea zone without using a movement point.)

  • Greenland is in a lone sea zone, so is a island  😄

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    Greenland is in a lone sea zone, so is a island  😄

    No it is not because it is not circumscribed by that sea zone.

    England is also not an island.

  • Offmap also counts? Strange… not that japaneses would dig in artic igloos or USA going to prepare a massive marines invasion from Greenland, but still strange…

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    Yup, off map counts as well.  It’s just a way to cut down on island bases used by America up there, I think.  Dunno why America would want them up there, but I guess someone tried it and the consensus was made that it should not be permitted.

  • '11

    Panzerblitz and Wolfpacks are such a thing of beauty. Nothing compares to rolling over an Allied defense and then mass convoy destruction.

  • I do think that wolfpacks sounds good, but rare is the game, where I have the time to build subs with germany.

    I like Stukas since they are useful as long as germany has its airforce (hopefully throughout the game).

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    In enhanced wolfpacks are DA BOMB!  You can seriously crucify America and England if you set them up correctly.

    In LHTR 2.0, they are not that great.  Primarily because you have to build the bastards and that detracts from beating on Russia.

    Panzerblitz > Dive-Bombers in my opinion.  Mainly because you can now use your tanks like you would fighters.  Got 3 infantry defending you have to take out?  Send 12 tanks 2 infantry in.  Odds are stellar you’ll kill them all in one round and then you can pull your armor back out afterwards.  (Normally if you have this NA you also are building up lots of tanks as well to exploit it, I’ve had upwards of 30 tanks with this going allowing me to pull those kinds of moves on a regular basis.)

  • For God’s sake, I can’t believe Panzerblitz didn’t come out at #1.  How could ANYONE not vote for Panzerblitz as one of the four?

    I’m looking at you.  o.O

    Why is it so good?  Instead of just leaving your tanks to sit and cower because you can’t lose your precious precious tanks, you can use those tanks and cram them down the Allies’ throats - and then you can ALSO cower with them by retreating them during noncombat.  Because you can use tanks to claim territory, you can even attack with a lighter infantry reserve than you normally would.  It’s like - save infantry, save fighters, use tanks.  OMG ITS SO GOOD!

  • Yeah tanks are strong 🙂

    Panzerblitz was my second vote for germany (Stukas, Panzerblitz) and for the Japs I took (Night Fighting Skills and Most Powerful Battleships).

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    Yea, NF and MPB are pretty darn good if you are encountering KJF.  Otherwise, MPB and Tokyo Express are better,IMHO.  (NF doesn’t work for bombardments, so they are very mitigated if America flees from Japanese supremacy in the Pacific.)

    Banzai’s too nerfed in LHTR.  If it was more like how they are in enhanced, they’d be much better, IMHO.  (You can use them in conjunction with artillery, armor, fighters and bombers in enhanced, but not in LHTR.)

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