6x8ft Pentagon quality battle table project

  • It has been allot of work but it will be finished soon. The continents are in the process of being finished right now and everything else is pretty much done. The board has 3d raised and textured continents that are done with model railroad products. The oceans are several layers of ocean blue automotive paint over a primer base, this is buffed to a deep blue and is textured as well. The edges of the board are cherrywood finished. The board has a track lighting system done in cammo with Halogen lights. There is also a series of storage areas at the top of the board for all the pieces as well as cards and card holders. The pieces are also in production right now. They are being finished with primer, then OD Green or appropriate color, and then the emblem stickers I got from strafing run games.

    Here are some pics from the construction of the table. Pics of the finished product will be up soon.

  • man that’s beautiful.
    i wish i had that kind of time. . . prolly spend it biking tho’.

  • Wow, this is great 🙂
    I do anything for one of these!

  • Make sure you put up the finshed one when you finish it! i wanna see it!

  • Be honest - you don’t really like Axis and Allies that much, do you… 😉

    That is awesome!

  • Honestly I haven’t played in over 10 years. My roomate picked up a copy of A&A Europe and we both looked at the board and decided we could do better. So we did, and then the pieces needed to be painted so they weren’t shiny plastic, and then the decals etc.

  • So is this an exact version of A&A, only enlarged, or did you guys make any other changes?

  • Some changes were made, the board is designed to be compatable with the A&A Europe and Pacific as well as A&A. It is also good for general pupose war gaming.

  • nice table!

  • Pipercub!! Where are ya, Virginian?

    How did it turn out – or did you get called away by DoD to help set up the new Central Command HQ war room in Qatar?

  • Wish I had room for something that big 🙂

  • Still here, just been busy. I spent my time in the middle east during GWI and if they need me, they have my number. I just don’t want to waste my time or life on another half measure that does not engage the enemy with the intent of destroying him. We need to go full measure on this, and we needed to do it 25 years ago when this began.

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